Scrabble New South Wales

Progressive Results of NSW 2005 Matchplay Finals

Elimination Finals: Best of 7 games
Esther Perrins d Mark Smith
Edward Okulicz d Natalie Tadday
Bob Jackman d Ian Close by forfeit
Chris May d Tony Hunt 4 games to 1
Rene Chelton d Jean McGiffen 4 games to 1
Rod Talbot d Joan Rosenthal 4 games to 0
John Barker d Peter Shaw
Hanne Marks d Ram Mohe by forfeit

Quarter Finals: Best of 9 games
1. Bob Jackman d Rod Talbot 5 games to 4
2. Edward Okulicz d John Barker 5 games to 2
3. Chris May d Rene Chelton 5 games to 1
4. Esther Perrins d Hanne Marks 5 games to 0

Semi Finals: Best of 11 games
1. Edward Okulicz d Bob Jackman 6 games to 1
2. Chris May d Esther Perrins 6 games to 5

Grand Final: Best of 15 games

Edward Okulicz d Chris May 8 games to 2 [Click here for winner's report]