Scrabble New South Wales

Blacktown Club Tournament - 17th March 2007

Report from Raya Wilkinson
Sixty nine people turned up on time on Saturday morning for a 9.30 am start. 
Wilma soon had the draws up and away we went.
A banquet was provided by the ladies of Blacktown Scrabble Club, and everyone enjoyed the food. 
Edward Okulicz(8 games), Betty Foreman(7 games), Nick Cavenagh(8 games),
and Ester Rolfe(7 games) enjoyed their games also -- as they were all winners in their respective sections.
Nick Cavenagh had the highesr rating gain --113 points. Congratulations Nick.
Young Phillip Hamilton, playing his first tournament, won 4 games and ended up with a rating of 872. Great work Phillip.
Thank you to all who came and made Saturday a great day.