Scrabble New South Wales

City of Sydney International Masters - January 2007

Report from Don Hadley

I have never reported on a turnament before, but would like to mention some of the odds and ends that arose during the very enjoyable twenty games - and in the breaks.

Andrew Fisher gave Karen a hard time by scoring 4 bonuses in a row and then getting another later in the game.

Poor Esther Perrins could become known as the "9 giver"! A competition was held for the longest word played, and five people listed 9-letter words against Esther!

Olga had a hard time against Graeme Lock Lee when he had 5 bingos in 1 game.

Even players as good as Richard Jeremy can miss things - he played RHAMNOSE, when he could have scored a treble word with ARSEHOLE!

Poor Janine notched up a terrible negative margin, but I'm sure she'll come good at the next tournament.

Sue Kyatt had everyone laughing in the cafe when she requested chicken satire!

Thanks to all the organisers for a highly enjoyable time.