Scrabble New South Wales

Ulladulla Summer Games - February 2007

Report from Gary Pollard

Although numbers were down on expectation a great three days of competition was had by all.

Day one saw two divisions of 8 & 9 players, both playing seven games - A division winner Chris May was beaten only by Karen Richards in game 6 and Karen in 2nd place with 5 wins was defeated only by Tony Hunt in game 4 and Gary Pollard in the last game of the day. Tony also with 5 wins finished 3rd with the lesser margin of 267 to Karen's 488 being beaten by Pat Schuberg in game 1 and Chris in game 5.

B division was dominated by Karmel Patterson who didn't lose a game (she did have a bye though) with a respectable +517 margin. 2nd place to Nowra's Lexie Neale who lost just the one game and 3rd place to Lindy Lawson with 2 loses, to Karmel and fellow club member Lexie.

Day 2.
A division had a double round robin 10 games and Chris blitzed 'em all winning all his games. The closest anyone came to Chris' effort was 5 wins and three players did that - Karen Richards with a +32 margin, John Barker -91, and Alison Pollard -321.

B division played 8 games with previous day's top three finishing top three again, this time though 1st was Lindy Lawson with 7 wins, 2nd Karmel Patterson 6 wins, 3rd on margin was Lexie Neale 5.5 wins +428 ahead of Ulladulla local Betty Irwin's 5.5 +255.

Day 3. 2 divisions 7 game round robin
There was a sigh of relief in the A division with the absence of Chris and Karen pulled off the win with 7 wins to John Barker's 6 wins and Gary Pollard's 5 just outdoing his wife, Alison's 4 wins.

B division - Lexie clinched the win with 5 wins +330 margin over Karmel's 5 +210, 3rd spot went to Ulladulla's Brian Irwin's 4 wins +109 after he had to forfeit 2 games to attend an appointment and 4th was Lindy also on 4 wins +51 margin.

Daily winners received $50 cash + a prize from the table - 2nd $20 - 3rd $10 - 4th a "green" carry bag and high game and word prizes were $5 each. "Green" bags were also given at random throughout the week.

Gold, silver, and bronze medals + cash ($30, $20, $10) were awarded to the overall (3 days) placings - Karmel 17.5 wins, Karen 17, and Chris 16 wins. The Nowra contingent of Lindy and Lexie finished 4th and 5th with 15.5 wins each.

Daily high words in each division were 
Karen Richards 149 STRIDENT & Vi Phillips 88 BONDERS
Gary Pollard 101 FETCHING & Betty Irwin 113 SHEARING
Karen 101 TOPSIDE & Karmel 101 JOSTLES
and high games
Chris 591 & Vi 439
Chris 603 & Lindy 587
Karen 546 & Lexie 432

Thanks to our sponsors:
Milton-Ulladulla Ex-Servo's Club - $60 + venue + non-stop tea/coffee
Apex Ulladulla - $50
Somersault Pool Services of Ulladulla - medals
South Coast Promotions - prizes which included books, CD, DVD and "green" bags and promotional support throughout.