Scrabble New South Wales

Progressive Results of NSW 2008 Matchplay Finals

This round it's the best of 7 games. 
Game times can be 20, 22 or 25 minutes mutually agreed upon by the contestants.
Round to be completed by the end of May (if possible).

1. Rex Shakespeare d Colleen Walker
2. Joan Rosenthal d Donna MacDonald
3. Rod Talbot d by Peter Shaw
4. Karen Richards d by Edward Okulicz
5. Esther Perrins d Jan Serisier
6. Chris May still d by John Holgate
7. Paul Richards d Margaret Berliner
8. Greg Pinchbeck d Hari Nanyakkara

Quarter finals (best of 9 games) will be:
A. Rex Shakespeare d by Greg Pincbeck
B. Joan Rosenthal d Paul Richards
C. Peter Shaw d John Holgate
D. Edward Okulicz d by Esther Perrins

Semi finals (best of 11 games) will be:
Y. Greg Pinchbeck v Esther Perrins
Z. Joan Rosenthal v Peter Shaw

Finals (best of 15 games) will be:
Winner of Y v Winner of Z