Scrabble New South Wales

Progressive Results of NSW 2009 Matchplay Finals

Best of 7 Round

1. Joanne Craig defeated Joan Rosenthal
2. Edward Okulicz defeated Rex Shakespeare
3. Bob Jackman defeated Cheryl Michler
4. Rod Talbot defeated Peter Shaw
5. Greg Pinchbeck defeated Frank Tao
6. Kitty-Jean Laginha defeated Sharon Sorenson
7. Simon Walton defeated Graeme Lock Lee

8. Esther Perrins to play Karen Richards

Quarter finals (best of 9 games) Bob Jackman to play Kitty-Jean Laginha
Edward Okulicz to play Simon Walton
Rod Talbot to play Greg Pinchbeck
Joanne Craig to play ?

Semi finals (best of 11 games)

Finals (best of 15 games) Edward Okulicz d Bob Jackman 8 games to 5