Scrabble New South Wales

Progressive Results of NSW 2010 Matchplay Finals

Best of 7 Rounds

1. Edward Okulicz d David More
2. Bob Jackman d Karl Chin
3. Esther Perrins v Rocky Sharma
4. Michael McKenna d John Barker
5. Rod Talbot v Victor Tung
6. Alastair Richards v Hanne Marks
7. Pat Schuberg defeated by Rene Chelton
8. Chris Ostrowski v Peter Shaw

Quarter finals (best of 9 games)

Semi finals (best of 11 games) Esther Perrins d Bob Jackman 6-3
Edward Okulicz d Michael McKenna 6-2

Finals Edward Okulicz 8.5 d Esther Perrins 7.5