National Scrabble Championship

Entries for Championship Division

Total of 48 as of 2/4/21

Surname, First Name State Anchored Board Anchored Clock Paid from 3/21
Appelhof, Arnold QLD Yes No
Barker, John NSW No No Yes
Barrett, Noel ACT Yes Yes Yes
Bennett, Ronnie ACT Yes No Yes
Boiko, Alex ACT Yes Yes Yes
Brumby, Diane TAS No Yes
Craig, Joanne NSW Yes Yes Yes
Davidson, Sheryl QLD No No
Devitt, Felicity NSW Yes No
Dodd, Carmel SA No Yes Yes
Dwyer, Monica NSW Yes Yes Yes
Farlow, Cameron QLD No Yes Yes
Eldar, David VIC No No Yes
Fisher, Andrew VIC No No Yes
Hamilton, Phillip NSW Yes No Yes
Hayman, Rael QLD No No Yes
Heart, Keri QLD Yes Yes Yes
Holgate, John NSW Yes Yes
Hunt, Tony NSW Yes Yes(2) Yes
Jackman, Bob NSW Yes Yes
Johnsen, Carol VIC Yes Yes Yes
Kimber, Antony SA No No Yes
Kougi, Peter VIC No No
Lock Lee, Graeme NSW Yes Yes Yes
Long, Heather VIC No No
Marks, Hanne NSW Yes TBA
May, Chris NSW Yes Yes Yes
Neal, Margaret NSW Yes Yes Yes
Neale, Lexie NSW Yes Yes Yes
Nichols, Therese NSW Yes No Yes
Ostrowski, Chris NSW Yes Yes Yes
Pearse, Angie VIC Yes Yes
Perrins, Esther NSW Yes No Yes
Pinchbeck, Greg NSW Yes No
Richards, Karen QLD Yes Yes Yes
Richards, Paul QLD Yes Yes Yes
Rider, John VIC No No
Rose, Martin TAS Yes Yes Yes
Rudra, Mythili VIC No No
Scowcroft, Caroline QLD No No
Sorensen, Sharon NSW Yes Yes Yes
Talbot, Rod NSW Yes No
Taylor, Jane SA Yes Yes Yes
Teitelbaum, Jakob ACT No No
Tung, Victor NSW No No Yes
Van Vliet, Garth NSW Yes Yes(3) Yes
Williams, Tony ACT No Yes Yes
Zetler, Ivor NSW Yes No

Entries for Plate Division

Total of 43 as of 2/4/21

Surname, First Name State Anchored Board Anchored Clock Paid from 3/21
Atsas, Emanuel SA No No Yes
Atsas, Louisa SA No No Yes
Braendler, Fiona SA No No
Barraclough, Dorothy VIC No Yes Yes
Bauer, Peter VIC No Yes
Chaitman, Darren VIC No No Yes
Chelton, Rene NSW Yes Yes
Coulter, Noel VIC No No
Donnelly, Shaun VIC Yes No
Eddington, David NSW No Yes Yes
Eddington, Kara NSW No No Yes
Edwards, Yvonne NSW No No Yes
Fields, Dorothy NSW Yes Yes Yes
Finlayson, Françoise SA No No
Fullerton, Sue NSW No No Yes
Hansen, Jeanette QLD No TBA
Hopson, Greg NSW No No
Horan, Terry ACT Yes Yes Yes
Huynh, Patrick NSW Yes No
Jackman, Liz NSW Yes Yes (3) Yes (Card)
Jarvis, Lynne TAS No No Yes
Kalayzich, Tony NSW No No
Lam, Alex NSW No No Yes
Lam, Jeffery NSW No No Yes
MacGillivray, Susan ACT Yes Yes Yes
Mansfield, Judy SA No No
McCann, Christiane VIC Yes Yes
Nepia, Moana (Reserve) NSW Yes No
Nguyen, Vincent ACT No Yes Yes
Nguyen, Vinh NSW No No Yes
Reimers, Kerry QLD Yes Yes
Roberts, Susan SA No No Yes
Savona, Steven NSW No No Yes
Schick, Anne ACT No Yes
Sivapalasundram, Siva VIC No No Yes
Smith, Denise NSW Yes Yes Yes
Smitheram, Michael VIC No No Yes
Symes, Wendi SA No No
Tadday, Natalie NSW Yes No Yes
Timpano, Alex NSW Yes Yes Yes
Whittaker, Janine NSW Yes No
Williams, Arlene ACT No Yes Yes
Wright, Sunny NSW Yes (2) Yes