Scrabble New South Wales

Reference Sheet for Tournament Players

This Reference Sheet has been prepared for the benefit of players attending tournaments sanctioned by ASPA (NSW):

Before each Game

  1. From the draw posted on the wall for your Division, find out your table number and proceed to that table
  2. Prepare a score sheet provided by entering both players names, and the Division across the top.
  3. Listen for any special announcements by the Tournament Director
  4. Verify with your opponent that there are 100 tiles (of the correct distribution if first game of day), then pour them into the bag
  5. Draw for start. The player who draws the tile nearest the start of the alphabet goes first, with the blank preceding 'A'. If players draw the same letter, they draw again.
  6. If not using a clock, commence play when the Tournament director gives the signal

During each Game

  1. Maintain a courteous attitude to your opponent during the game
  2. For each of your moves, you must write down your main word, your score for the move and the progressive total.
  3. For each of your opponent's moves, you must write down their score, and their progressive total.
  4. When you have finished playing your move, you should add up your score aloud, and announce the total score for your move to your opponent.
  5. You may challenge a word (or words) played by your opponent, but only if you have not written down the score for the move
  6. To challenge, indicate to your opponent your intention to challenge, write down the word(s) on the challenge slip supplied, show the slip to your opponent, then raise your hand.
  7. If a word you play is adjudicated as incorrect, you must miss a turn.
  8. If the tournament flyer stipulates it, cover your rack while the challenge is in progress
  9. You may change letters at any time, as long as there are at least seven tiles left in the bag. This is in lieu of playing a word. You may exchange any number of tiles you wish.
  10. If you have taken the last tile(s) from the bag, it is a courtesy to inform your opponent the bag is empty.
  11. You must stop playing when the Tournament Director calls time. If you are in the course of making your move, you may complete the move.
  12. At the end of the game, deduct the value of any unplayed tiles on your rack from your score. Your rack should be replenished if you just completed your move.

After the Game

  1. Check that your total agrees with your opponents total
  2. Countersign score sheets when scores are agreed upon
  3. Fill out personal tournament record with game summary (optional)
  4. If you won the game, take both score sheets to the computer operator
  5. If you lost the game, set up the tiles in a 10x10 grid before leaving thetable
  6. Keep post-game discussion at the table to a minimum as a courtesy to others who may still be playing

At the end of the Tournament

  1. Assist your opponent in packing up your table
  2. Stay for the Presentations if possible, to support the winners.