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The WESPA Scrabble Championship 2019

Selective events 2019

WESPAC is a prestige invitational event in the spirit of the World Scrabble Championship. The first such event was held in Perth in 2015, and it is intended that it should take place under the supervision of WESPA every odd year. This time the location is Goa, India from 21 to 26 October, 2019. See more information via the WESPA news article (click here).

Selecting Australia's team for 2019

A team of thirteen Australians will be selected to play in the 2019 WESPAC.

Qualifying period The qualifying period is the twelve month span from 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019.
Eligibility: You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident on 30 June 2019, and be a financial member of ASPA on 30 June 2019.

Selection by major titles

A maximum of two eligible players are selected by tournament success, namely

(1) The winner of the 2018 Australian Masters.
(2) The highest placed eligible Australian in the 2019 Australian Championship.

Players who qualify this way must also play 90 games recognised by ASPA during the qualifying period.

If any of these berths is unfilled for any reason, the place is taken by another player selected via ratings.

Players who qualify via ratings

All remaining eligible places will be determined by ratings as follows
  1. The method of ranking candidates is by the three peak statistic (the Q statistic) described below.
  2. Players may appeal to CASPA for a special dispensation in exceptional circumstances.
  3. In the event of any unforeseen issue the decision of CASPA is final.

The three peaks Q statistic

The primary criterion for ranking candidates is the Q statistic calculated like this:

  1. Subperiods are May to Aug 2018, Sep 2018 to Dec 2019 and Jan to Apr 2019.
  2. The Qstat: The qualifying statistic is Q = (P1 + P2 + 2 x P3)/4 , which is a weighted average of peak ratings in the three subperiods.
  3. Third peak: You cannot earn the peak in the third subperiod until you have played 60 games rated by ASPA in the qualification period.
  4. Penalty: If you do not earn a peak in a subperiod , your peak in that subperiod is equal to the last rating minus 200. There is no requirement about how often this may be applied.
  5. Games quota: You must play at least 90 games recognised by ASPA or WESPA in the qualification period.
  6. Multiday tournament which spans two subperiods will be treated for peak and game count as occurring on the first day.
  7. Missed games: If you miss a game in a tournament for any reason other than an assigned bye, you cannot count a peak attained in that tournament for any qualification purposes. Games played will count towards games quotas. Ratings will be calculated as usual, with byes and forfeits not rated.

If two players have the same Q statistic, the one with the greater number of games in the qualification period is ranked higher.

13 quota
Games Q Stat
Peak (games)
Peak (games)
Peak (games)
1. David Eldar (VIC) 0 2182.00
2. Edward Okulicz (NSW) 15 2010.002010 (15)
3. Trevor Halsall (VIC) 18 1977.001977 (18)
4. Chris May (NSW) 29 1969.001969 (29)
5. Esther Perrins (NSW) 18 1949.001949 (18)
6. Naween Fernando (VIC) 18 1932.001932 (18)
7. Cameron Farlow (QLD) 8 1923.001923 (8)
8. Daniel Piechnick (SA) 11 1916.001916 (11)
9. Andrew Fisher (VIC) 18 1891.001891 (18)
10. Peter Kougi (VIC) 0 1870.00
11. Jakob Teitelbaum (ACT) 0 1824.00
12. Joanne Craig (NSW) 57 1815.001815 (57)
13. Anand Bharadwaj (VIC) 18 1799.001799 (18)
14. John Holgate (NSW) 44 1793.001793 (44)
17. Adam Kretschmer (SA) 11 1760.001760 (11)
18. Mythili Rudra (VIC) 0 1746.00
19. Rod Talbot (NSW) 54 1737.001737 (54)
20. Wayne Jones (NSW) 14 1735.001735 (14)
21. Tony Hunt (NSW) 40 1707.001707 (40)
22. Bob Jackman (NSW) 17 1706.001706 (17)
23. Andrew Hamblin (QLD) 16 1705.001705 (16)
24. Rocky Sharma (NSW) 0 1704.00
25. Graeme Lock Lee (NSW) 33 1695.001695 (33)
26. Simon Walton (SA) 0 1692.00
29. Victor Tung (NSW) 7 1669.001669 (7)
30. Nick Ivanovski (VIC) 18 1664.001664 (18)

Recently processed:
26.05.2018 May Open (QLD) New peak for Cameron Farlow, Andrew Hamblin
27.05.2018 BELL WINTER (TAS)
02.06.2018 Central Coast (NSW) New peak for Chris May, Edward Okulicz, Bob Jackman, Wayne Jones, Victor Tung
04.06.2018 WA Championship (WA) New peak for Russell Honeybun
09.06.2018 18vicchamps (VIC) New peak for Trevor Halsall, Esther Perrins, Joanne Craig, Naween Fernando, Andrew Fisher, Anand Bharadwaj, Nick Ivanovski
10.06.2018 Toowoomba Wound Wobins (QLD) New peak for Andrew Hamblin
16.06.2018 JUNE WGONG (NSW) New peak for Edward Okulicz