Australian Champions since 1980

Here are the Australian Champions since the first event held in 1980.

1980 Ian Wilson (Vic) Melbourne
1981 John Holgate (NSW) Melbourne
1982 John Holgate (NSW)2 Melbourne
1983 Marie Knight (Vic) Melbourne
1984 Marie Knight (Vic)2 Melbourne
1985 Lynne Butler (Vic) Melbourne
1986 Moana Nepia (NSW) Melbourne
1987 John Holgate (NSW)3 Sydney
1988 Steve Sunter (Vic) Melbourne
1989 Steve Sunter (Vic)2 Perth
1990 Nick Ivanovski (Vic) Sydney
1991 Lena Boyd (NSW) Melbourne
1992 John Holgate (NSW)4 Sydney
1993 Bob Jackman (NSW) Adelaide
1994 Trevor Halsall (Vic) Perth
1995 Joan Rosenthal (NSW) Sydney
1995 Tony Sim (Sing) Gold Coast
1996 Tony Sim (Sing)2 Alice Springs
1996 John Holgate (NSW)5 Melbourne
1997 Paul Cleary (Vic) Adelaide
1998 John Holgate (NSW)6 Hobart
1999 Paul Cleary (Vic)2 Sydney
2000 Paul Cleary (Vic)3 Brisbane
2001 Edward Okulicz (Qld) Melbourne
2002 Cheah Siu Hean (Sing) Fremantle
2003 Bob Jackman (NSW) Adelaide
2004 Cheah Siu Hean (Sing)2 Canberra
2005 Naween Fernando (Vic) Hobart
2006 Andrew Fisher (Vic) Brisbane
2007 David Eldar (Vic)+ Sydney
2008 Naween Fernando (Vic)2 Melbourne
2009 Andrew Fisher (Vic) Perth
2010 Naween Fernando (Vic)3 Adelaide
2011 Chris May (NSW) Canberra
2012 Andrew Fisher (Vic)2 Hobart
2013 David Eldar (Vic)2+ Southport
2014 Daniel Piechnick (SA) Sydney
2015 your name here Melbourne
1997 Only one section Adelaide
1998 Elizabeth Spillane (Vic) Hobart
1999 Only one section Sydney
2000 Vicki Russell (Qld) Brisbane
2001 Pat Schuberg (NSW) Melbourne
2002 Muriel Berman (WA) Fremantle
2003 David Eldar (Vic) Adelaide
2004 Helen Maurus (Vic) Canberra
2005 Linda Puls (WA) Hobart
2006 Stuart Pridham (NSW) Brisbane
2007 Nick Cavenagh (Vic) Sydney
2008 Matthew Selvenera (SA) Melbourne
2009 Sunny Wright (Qld) Perth
2010 Michael Rubinstein (Vic) Adelaide
2011 Raya Wilkinson (NSW) Canberra
2012 Janine Whittaker (NSW) Hobart
2013 Rhonda Rickard (Qld) Southport
2014 Don Hadley (NSW) Sydney
2015 your name here Melbourne
  1. The first six events were organised by Murfett Regency as part of Melbourne's Moomba Festival. From 1986 onwards, the Australian Championship was organised by the Australian Scrabble Players Association.
  2. In 1995 and 1996 there were two National Championships each year. One Championship used both English and North American words and the other used only Chambers words.