Australian Masters and State Challenge
Melbourne 2016


WINNER State Individual
Melbourne2005 Trevor Halsall SA Carmel Dodd (SA)
Wollongong2006 Bob Jackman WA Edie Mueller(WA)
Melbourne2007 Naween Fernando VIC Tony Hunt (NSW)
Melbourne2008 David Eldar QLD Harry Malcolm (VIC)
Sydney2009 Andrew Fisher QLD Chris Hall (WA)
Melbourne2010 Peter Kougi NSW Michael McKenna (NSW)
Adelaide2011 Edward Okulicz QLD John Spaan (ACT)
Sydney2012 Edward Okulicz NSW Tony Hunt (NSW)
Melbourne2013 Alastair Richards VIC Matte Dunn (VIC)
Adelaide2014 Cameron Farlowe NSW Ryan Sutton (NSW)
Sydney2015 Naween Fernando NSW Tim Mason (WA)

The venue

The Alexander Motor Inn in Essendon, Victoria

The format

Australia's top 20 players are selected over a 12 month qualifying period, and then additionally a there are teams of three players representing each of the participating states and territories. You can see how the selection worked at this page.

The top 20 play a round robin of 19 rounds, and simultaneously the 21 players in the State Challenge play a modified round robin which has each player playing the 18 players from the opposing teams.

Saturday morning! September 10, 2016

Play under way...

Our venue: Fredricks Restaurant on Mt Alexander Road

Good friends Mythili Rudra and Alastair Richards

Players from all round Australia have converged on the Alexander Motor Inn, all arriving on time and ready to play. First time Tournament Director is Natasha Podesser, and Amy Hutchinson is the Computer Operator, with Barry Harridge doing his usual fine job of setting up the website and the tournament software, thank you all. The other two involved in the organisation of the event are Carol Johnsen and Norma Fisher who have done an enormous amount of work, and Elaine Capewell is in charge of catering and doing a fine job.

Adam Kretschmer, Antony Kimber, Oliver Jenner O'Shea

John Barker, Greg Pinchbeck, Edie Mueller, Graeme Lock Lee

Fun at lunchtime - yummy chicken, and Trevor plays Russell

Ryan Sutton, Esther Perrins and Victor Tung,
all from New South Wales

The workers - John and Elaine Capewell, Barry
Harridge, Natasha Podesser and Amy Hutchinson

Nick Ivanovski, our very competent reporter, with
the lunchtime Masters leader Andrew Fisher
At the lunch break Andrew Fisher was leading Masters on 4 wins, followed by Alastair Richards and John Holgate, both on 3 wins. In the State Challenge the individual leader was Jane Taylor on 4 wins, ahead of Edie Mueller on 3.5 and Dianne Brumby on 3, and South Australia was leading from New South Wales, but there is a long way to go!

Heather Long plays Mythili Rudra

Noel Barrett and Martin Rose

Robin Andersen and Gwen Lampre

Nick Ivanovski and Karen Richards

Andrew Fisher plays Victor Tung
Round seven is over, and Andrew Fisher remains the leader in the Masters....with Jane Taylor ahead in the individual standings of the State Team Challenge, and South Australia well ahead of the other six states and territories. Three more games to come today.......
At the end of today's play Andrew Fisher on 9 wins remains a game clear of Alastair Richards, Joanne Craig and Esther Perrins, whilst in the Team Challenge the top three players are all on seven wins - John Barker, Trish Reynolds and Jane Taylor.
Most have stayed for the celebratory dinner, a lovely three course meal at the restaurant - the playing room was quickly cleared and equally quickly transformed into the dining area - the staff at Fredricks Restaurant here at the Mount Alexander Motel are extremely helpful and courteous.

DAY 2 - Sunday: All players ready to face the final day, with most playing 9 games today.....and to start the day the Victorian team won all three games in Round 11, and lead for the first time....can they sustain this standard?

The team from the Australian Capital Territory -
Noel Barrett, John Spaan and Alex Boiko

The lads from New South Wales - Graeme Lock Lee,
Greg Pinchbeck and John Barker

The Queensland players - Paul Richards, Roberta
Tait and Trish Reynolds

Representing South Australia - Antony Kimber,
Jane Taylor and Oliver Jenner-O'Shea

The Tasmanian Team - with a Rose in the middle!
Keri Hart, Martin Rose and Dianne Brumby

The Western Australians - Robin Andersen,
David Vanzyl and Edie Mueller

The Victorians, this year's hosts - Gwen Lampre,
Norma Fisher and Carol Johnsen

The team tallies after Round Eleven, with
the Vics in the lead.....
Sunday afternoon update: after 15 rounds the lead has changed, with Alastair Richards and Joanne Craig on 12 wins each, followed by Andrew Fisher on 11, and Esther Perrins on 10.5. Its a tough run home for all as most of the top seeds will play each other. In the Team Challenge Victoria hold a slender lead of 1.5 games over South Australia and are two games clear of Western Australia, but both these are well ahead of Victoria on margin, so wins are of great importance to all! The individual leader in the Challenge is David Vanzyl on 10 wins, half a game clear of Trish Reynolds, Jane Taylor and Gwen Lampre.
A great game was played between Carol Johnsen and John Spaan, with Carol scoring 523 points to John's 511, a game total of 1034 - well done to you both!

Here are some great matchups in Round 17...

Joanne plays Andrew

Noel plays David

Mythil plays Trevor, Alastair v Esther

Trish plays Edie

Norma plays Jane

Masters: Joanne Craig, Alastair Richards, John Holgate, Andrew Fisher

The final team placings
The conclusion! The last rounds created interest, as the lead alternated between Joanne Craig and Alastair Richards, with both on 14 games prior to GAME 19. In the last round Alastair lost to Andrew Fisher, and Joanne defeated Russell Honeybun, so Jo finished a game clear of Alastair, with JohnHolgate third on 12.5 wins, and Andrew Fisher fourth on 12. the High Game award went to Alastair Richards (594) and the High Word award was shared by Heather Long and Nick Ivanovski - both scored 150 points for LIVERIES and REFRESHERS respectively.
The Team tussle was won by Western Australia on 34.5 wins, two games clear of Victoria on 32.5, with South Australia a further game behind. Well done, W.A.
The winner of the Teams individual comp was David Vanzyl on 13 wins, well clear of Noel Barrett on 11 wins.
Congratulations to Joanne and David and Western Australia, well played all!

The Australian Masters winner, Joanne
Craig from New South Wales

The two who tied for the High Word
award - Heather Long and Nick Ivanovski

The victorious W.A. team - Edie Mueller,
David Vanzyl and Robin Andersen

Team event, 2nd place. Carol Johnsen
& Norma Fisher (missing Gwen Lampre)

Winners of the individual comp within the
Teams event - David Vanzyl & Noel Barrett