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Essendon ~ SUNDAY September 30 ~ 7 games ~ at Box Hill
Saturday Sessions 7 ~ SATURDAY October 6 ~ 5 games ~ at Reservoir
Seniors' Tournament ~ THURSDAY October 11 ~ 3 games ~ at Mount Waverley
Victorian Country Championship ~ SATURDAY October 13 ~ 6 games ~ at Redan, Ballarat

For full details of tournaments click HERE

The Australian Masters and State Team Challenge ~ September 8/9, 2018

The Victorian players - Masters winner Andrew Fisher,
Carol Johnsen, Trevor Halsall, Norma Fisher,
Peter Kougi and Gwen Lampre.

The winning team from the Australian Capital
Territory - Noel Barrett, John Spaan and
individual Challenge winner John Hamilton

The spacious and pleasant playing area at Southport R.S.L.

Scrabble Queensland were the hosts for this year's event, held at the Southport R.S.L. Club. Some travel arrangements were disrupted due to flight cancellations, with Chris May from New South Wales unable to play, and Roberta Tait from Queensland missing her spot in the Queensland team due to illness. Trish Brighton from Queensland filled in for Roberta, and the Masters were a player short. Tournament Organiser Martin Waterworth had the responsibility of sorting out these early problems, and play proceeded smoothly after he did this.
THE MASTERS: After 18 gruelling games the final positions were Andrew Fisher (Victoria, 1st on 14 wins), Peter Kougi (Victoria, 2nd/13), Cameron Farlow (Queensland, 3rd/12), Joanne Craig (New South Wales, 4th/11), and Trevor Halsall (Victoria 5th/10.5). Congrats to Andrew on his third win at this event, an excellent effort as this is always such a tough contest. Rael Hayman fron New South Wales scored 560 to win the High Game prize, and Adam Kretschmer from South Australia played MEDITATE for 158 points to secure the High Word award.
Previous MASTERS Champions: 2005 Trevor Halsall (Victoria), 2006 Bob Jackman (New South Wales), 2007 Naween Fernando (Victoria), 2008 David Eldar (Victoria), 2009 Andrew Fisher (Victoria), 2010 Peter Kougi (Victoria), 2011 Edward Okulicz (New South Wales), 2012 Edward won again, 2013 Alastair Richards (Queensland), 2014 Cameron Farlow (Queensland), 2015 Naween Fernando (Victoria), 2016 Joanne Craig (New South Wales), 2017 Andrew Fisher (Victoria), and again in 2018.

Masters winner Andrew Fisher, with
Jane Brown (Queensland) and Carol
Johnsen (Victoria)

Masters 2nd placed
Peter Kougi with
Jane Brown

Jane Brown with third
placed in the Masters,
Cameron Farlow

Joanne Craig from New
South Wales, fourth in
Masters (file photo)

Fifth in Masters,
Trevor Halsall
with Jane Brown

Jyoti Chandna, High Word in the Team
Challenge, with Jane Brown, Judy
Mason and Martin Waterworth

THE STATE TEAM CHALLENGE: the Victorian team struggled early, while the Australian Capital Territory established an early unassailable lead, with John Hamilton, Noel Barrett and John Spaan all playing extremely well and racking up 37 wins between them, the third highest in the history of this event!
The Victorian team improved greatly on the second day, and led strongly by Gwen Lampre worked their way up to finish in second place with 29 wins. Well done, Gwen Lampre, Norma Fisher and Carol Johnsen! South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania scored 28 wins per team, followed by Queensland on 20 wins and New South Wales on 19.
Individual place-getters in the Team Challenge were John Hamilton (Australian Capital Territory) on 16 wins, (well done, John!), Gwen Lampre (Victoria) second on 12 wins, and Dianne Brumby (Tasmania) third, also with 12 wins. Norma Fisher (Victoria) scored 525 to win High Game, and Jyoti Chandna (New South Wales) played DEVIATOR for 167 points to win High Word, well done to all.
Previous Champion Teams: 2005 South Australia (33 wins), 2006 Western Australia (38), 2007 Victoria (31), 2008 Queensland (32), 2009 Queensland (33), 2010 New South Wales (39), 2011 Queensland (33), 2012 New South Wales (31.5), 2013 South Australia (32.5), 2014 New South Wales (33), 2015 New South Wales (31), 2016 Western Australia (33), 2017 Victoria (31.5), and 2018 the Australian Capital Territory (37).
Congratulations to ASPA Queensland on your successful running of this event, all who attended were appreciative of your efforts.
To check the full results of the 2018 Australian Masters and State Team Challenge in the National Archive click HERE

The A.G.M. Tournament ~ Sunday August 19, 2018

Relaxing at lunchtime: Dominica Krstic, Angie
Winkler, Annette Casey, Mark Tully
Forty-four players took part in this annual tournament, and attended the Association's Annual General meeting which took place after the fourth game.
Tournament Organiser and Association President Carol Johnsen welcomed everyone, with a special welcome to newish player Carolyn Miller who had played Club scrabble for some years, and in the Saturday Session tournament the previous week - I hope you enjoyed the day, Carolyn!
The A.G.M. saw all Committee members returned, with the exception of Treasurer Rob Hutchinson who has stepped down due to personal commitments - thank you for serving on the Committee for the past couple of years, Rob. The position of Treasurer is currently vacant so if you know of anyone who might like to do the job please let President Carol know. The meeting voted to increase the number of ordinary committee members to six, and Anand Bharadwaj is the new member - Anand's scholastic achievements are notable, and he has a particular interest in promoting Youth Scrabble. Good luck, Anand!
The tournament started punctually and was very enjoyable, with delicious food provided in the breaks by caterer Liz Mc Kean and her mum. Thanks to you both, we all enjoyed it!
Division A saw Naween Fernando win all 7 games, well done, Naween. Second placed was Nick Ivanovski on 5 wins, with Dianne Davis third, also on 5 wins. The High Game prize went to Nick Ivanovski (594 points, the highest overall on the day) and Mark Tully plyed NARTJIES for 119 points to take home the High Word Award.
Division B was strongly contested, with June Valentine the victor on 6 wins, followed by Elaine Capewell and Dorothy Barraclough who both won 5 games. Elaine took home both the High Game and High Word prizes for her score of 506, and her play of SWEETEN for 98 points. Well done, everyone.
Division C was won by Asley McKeown, who won 6 games to finish clear of Laura Khan and Annette Casey on 5 wins each. Annette scored 487 points to collect the High Game Award, and Laura played QUACKED for 130 points to win the High Word Award - this was the highest word score for the day, nice play, Laura.
Excellent ratings gains on the day were achieved by June Valentine +48, Rena Aitken +44, Dianne Davis +33, Annette Casey +31 and Dorothy Barraclough +31. Ashley McKeon increased his provisional rating by 182 points, well done, Ashley and everyone, a great effort from all.

Division A: Naween Fernando, Dianne Davis,
Nick Ivanovski, Mark Tully

June Valentine, Elaine Capewell, multiple
winners in Division B

Multiple winners in Division C:
Annette Casey & Laura Khan

Second time tournament player, Carolyn
Miller, with regular Lina Camilleri

To see the full results of the 2018 AGM Tournament click HERE

Saturday Sessions 6 ~ August 11, 2018

Thirty-four players took part in the sixth Saturday Session for the year, providing great competition for all who attended. Nick Ivanovski welcomed new players Carolyn Miller and Niki Misinale, I hope both enjoyed their day.
Winners on the day were Andrew Fisher (A), Julie Belle (B), Kashi Thiris (C), Robin Steward (D) and Marisa Nuccitelli (E). Outstanding performances came from Andrew, Robin and Marisa, with all winning the five games played in their divisions. Robin played a great game to score 599 points and take home the High Game cash prize on the day, agonizingly close to the magical goal of 600! Well done to everyone, and thanks to all who helped Nick run the event!

Marisa Nuccitelli, E Division

Robin Steward, Division D

Div. C winner, Kashi Thiris

Winner Div. B, Julie Belle

Andrew Fisher, Div. A winner
Players who achieved excellent ratings gains on the day were Robin Steward + 42, Marisa Nucitelli +39, Kashi Thiris +29, and Julie Belle and Andrew Fisher who gained 24 points each.

To see the full results of the 2018 Saturday Session #6 click HERE

The Peninsula Tournament, July 28, 2018

After a late change of date due to a mix-up with the bookings 14 people met at the Mount Eliza Community Hall to contest the event, under the able direction of Carol Johnsen - thanks Carol, and also for the delightful food you provided. After six enjoyable games Angie Pearse proved too good and took home the top-place prize, with Jane McDonnell and Dianne Davis in second and third places respectively. Angie also played SEIZING for 108 points, the highest word score for the day, and the highest game score overall was achieved by Marj Miller for her score of 502.
Well done to everyone, and thanks for adjusting your weekend plans and coming on Saturday!

The winner Angie Pearse with Tournament
Director Carol Johnsen

Lynne Goodinson plays Sandra Masel, in
very pleasant surroundings

From the left: Dianne Davis, David Robinson,
Geoff Shepheard, Jane McDonnell

Mike McDonnell, Oliver Podesser, Barry
Harridge, Mark Tully
To see the full results of the 2018 Peninsula Tournament click HERE

Saturday Sessions 5 ~ July 21, 2018

Thirty-two players took part in the first of the Saturday Sessions for the second half of the year, with three more scheduled from August till late October. Two players competed in a tournament for the first time, namely Penny Mikulicz and Rajiv Amarnani, well done to you both. The usual format of five-game Round Robin groups resulted in five winners who received medals as awards, with the majority of the tournament revenue held over for the final 2018 Session in October, when substantial aggregate prizes will be awarded.

Trevor Halsall, Division A

Mark Tully, winner Div B

Christie Godby, Division C

Doreen Ivanovski, Div D

Balada Catanchin, Div E

New player Penny Mikulicz

Rajiv Amarnani, novice
Players who achieved excellent ratings gains on the day were Balada Catanchin +39, Anand Bharadwaj +30, Christie Godby +23, Norma Engel +22, and Shaun Donelly +22.
To see the full results of Saturday Sessions 5 click HERE

The Matchplay Kickoff Tournament ~ July 8, 2018

The top nine: Helen Hynes, Angie Pearse, Andrew
Fisher, Carol Johnsen, Matte Dunn. Front: Christie
Godby, Trevor Halsall, Peter Kougi
Forty players attended to compete in this seven-game open event, to determine who would qualify to play in the subsequent knockout rounds.
Nick Ivanovski welcomed ex-Victorian player Helen Hynes from Queensland, and standby player Marj Miller was needed to even up the numbers. Nick moved the day along smoothly with help from his son and other players, and at the end of the day eight of the top nine finishers opted to contest the later rounds, with Helen Hynes unable to participate further due to her imminent return to Queensland.
Congratulations to all the qualifiers, and to the award winners on the day - many prizes were presented for various achievements including rating band prizes, high word and high game.
30th July 2018: at the time of reporting the quarter finals have been completed, with Naween Fernando victorious over Angie Pearse, Andrew Fisher winning against Carol Johnsen and Peter Kougi winning against Matte Dunn. The most recently completed quarter final saw Trevor Halsall victorious over Christie Godby. Well done to all, more news will follow.

Happy Lina Camilleri with Peter Kougi,
also happy!

Glen Chandler, Dianne Gibson and Betty

John Rider, Mark Tully, John Parker,
and Rob York

Geoff Wright, Natasha Podesser and
Andrew Fisher
To check the full results of the 2018 Matchplay Tournament click HERE

Annette Casey is the Most Improved Victorian Player for 2017-2018

President Carol Johnsen with the
winner of the award, Annette Casey.
Congrats, Annette!
This coveted award is presented to the player who has gained the most ratings points over the previous 12 month period, from June 1st till May 31st the following year, after being rated in the system for the whole period.

This year's excited and deserving winner was Annette Casey who gained a total of 228 rating points after playing 72 games in the allocated period. Annette received a "Map of Victoria" trophy and a cash prize for her brilliant effort, well done, Annette!

Other great rating gains over the year were recorded by Siva Sivapalasundram +186, Lynne Goodinson +163, Phil Moller +169, Christiane McCann +150, Cheryle Jerram + 150, and John Metcalf +146.
Three other Victorians also gained considerable points - Jeremy Yip, Oscar Ivanovski and Doreen Ivanovski, but as none had competed over the full 12 month period, they weren't eligible for the award.
Well done to everyone who improved their rating over the year, it's not an easy thing to do....and good luck in your Scrabble for the coming year.
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The second McKinnon House Fundraising Tournament ~ July 24, 2018

The tournament attendees, with helpers
This is the second time that Khwanjai Thammaping has organised an event to raise funds for an end-of-year trip for the residents at her place of work, McKinnon House. With the help of other staff and carers, including Fili and Joyce, several of the residents attended and enjoyed some scrabble, some against our Victorian ASPA members - well done, all. The residents had been practising at McKinnon House with the aid of the "big" scrabble board, with help from Khwanjai, Christie Godby and Rob York. At the tournament a delightful lunch was cooked for all by Sue, Khwanjai's colleague, and this was appreciated by all, as were the generous between-game snacks.
A raffle and donations helped to swell the final total raised, which by the end of the day amounted to $1000, a very pleasing amount indeed. Khwanjai and the McKinnon House residents are deeply grateful for the support received from all.

McKinnon House residents and Scrabble
players get together

Player Dorothy Barraclough with Michaela
and her sister Lisa

Happy players Balada Catanchin & Elaine
McGinnes with the jelly slice

Relaxing after lunch - Geoff Wright, Rena Aitken
and Jenny Brysha

Shaun Donnelly with Khwanjai Thammaping

Ashley McKeon, new
player on the day
The six-game three-division tournament resulted in some some great play under the excellent supervision of Tournament Director Barry Harridge, thanks on behalf of Khwanjai for your contribution to the smooth running of the event, Barry.
Barry welcomed Ashley McKeon to his first rated tournament - we hope you enjoyed your day, Ashley, winning 3 games is a great start to your Scrabble career.
Division A saw Geoff Shepheard win six games to emerge the victor (great result, Geoff), with Geoff Wright second on 5 wins, and Alan Burn third on four wins. Alan also won the High Game award for ONESELF (97 points), and Angie Pearse won the High Game prize for her score of 527.
Division B was won by Glen Chandler with five wins, followed by Paula Messer and Shirley de Silva, both on four wins. Dominica Krstic's great score of 535 won her the choccies for High Game, and Shaun Donnelly's mighty play of MIGHTILY for 119 points earned him the High Word prize. Both Dominica's High Game and Shaun's High Word were the best overall on the day, well done to you both.

Division A: Geoff Wright, Alan Burn, Geoff
Shepheard & Angie Pearse

Div B: Paula Messer, Dominica Krstic, Shirley
de Silva, Glen Chandler & Shaun Donnelly

Division C: Elaine McGinnes, Elizabeth McKean
and Glenys Dettmann

Friends - Carol Johnsen, Fili and Suchada from
McKinnon House, and Lina Camilleri
Division C saw the second clean sweep for the day, a great effort from Glenys Dettmann to win six games, with Elizabeth McKean second on five wins, and Balada Catanchin in third place on four wins. Jenny Plant's excellent score of 467 earned her the High Game award, and Elaine McGinnes played INVESTS for 106 points to win the High Word chocolate.
It was lovely to see the McKinnon House people enjoying themselves, as did the Association members. Well done to all placegetters, and to those who made significant rating gains on the day: Geoff Shepheard + 62, Glen Chandler +49, Glenys Dettmann +41, Balada Catanchin +39, Elizabeth McKean +37, Christie Godby +6, and Betty Egan +30.

The Victorian Scrabble Championship ~ Trevor Halsall wins his third title!
June 9-10th 2018

The delighted 2018 Champion, Trevor Halsall

The major place getters: Rod Talbot (NSW equal High Word),
Esther Perrins (NSW 2), Trevor Halsall (Vic 1 & equal
High Word), Joanne Craig (NSW 3), Andrew Fisher (Vic 5) &
Naween Fernando (Vic 4).
Here's a report from Tournament Organiser and Director, Carol Johnsen - thanks, Carol.
Oh, the Melbourne weather, with a promising field of 52 players coming to the Victorian Championship it was going to be a good weekend. Well, by 8.45am on the Saturday, 8 players had phoned in to dip out - mostly because of sickness. Our first sign of winter, and we all fall by the wayside.
Nine games each day ran smoothly and provided continual challenges by at least 8 players to vie for the Championship until the end of the 17th game where Trevor Halsall had a very large margin lead, virtually ensuring that he was once again the 2018 Victorian Champion.
One of Trevor's games against Naween Fernando attracted international attention as it involved only a total of 20 moves with 7 bingos between them and the surprise was that a play of CAPIZ by Trevor for 87 points was more than any of the 7 bingos had scored. Also Glen Chandler and Paula Messer were delighted when the play of GOATEES fitted very nicely over the O of IVORIES.
Aside from the published results, our special prizes of $300 each went to John Rider for "Highest Placed Under 1400" and Jeremy Yip for "Highest Placed Under 1200".. Glen Chandler - RELATION - and Paula Messer - JEWELLED both scored 122 and were awarded $50 each for "Highest Word for Under 1400" and $50 was won by Angie Pearse - 529 - for "High Game Under 1400".

Gwen Lampre, High Game Champs,
with Rene Chelton

Rod Talbot and Trevor Halsall, joint
High Word winners in the Champs

Angie Pearse, High Game Award Rated
under 1400 - score 529 points

Victoria's Jeremy Yip, highest
finisher Rated Under 1200.

Glen Chandler & Paula Messer, joint
winners Under 1400 High Word Award

Our visitors from New South Wales

Queensland players who made the trip

From South Australia - Carmel and Jane

Visiting from Tasmania, Dianne Brumby

Table 1 - Alan Burn v Elize Plaganyi
Special thanks to Norma Fisher for her pre-tournament assistance, and to all who helped in any way throughout the tournament - your help is appreciated indeed. Also thanks to standby players Christie Godby and Marj Miller, our photographer Khwanjai Thammaping, and to our caterer Elizabeth McKean who did a sterling job keeping everyone well fed with a great variety of food. Thanks, everyone!
Notable rating gains were achieved by the following: Jeremy Yip (who is still on a provisional rating) gained 171 points, Angie Pearse +79, Keri Heart from Tasmania +78, John Rider +73 and Joanne Craig from New South Wales + 54.
To check the full results of the 2018 Victorian Championship click HERE

Vale Margaret Warmington 24/8/1930 ~ 25/5/2018

2010: Margaret with friends Lorraine Thomas
and Ann Hagley

Margaret at her 80th birthday, with Alistair Kane
Here are some words from Barry Harridge, a friend of Margaret for many years:

Sad to hear of the passing of Margaret Warmington. She and her husband Jim, who died some years ago, were stalwarts of the earlier Scrabble scene in Melbourne. They both shared a great sense of humour and were loved by so many in the Scrabble scene. Rest in peace, Margaret.
Postscript: The funeral arrangements have now been made. The service will take place at Wattle Park Chalet on Wed 6 June at 11am.

The Cranbourne Tournament ~ May 20, 2018

Late in the day: Khwanjai Thammaping plays
Dominica Krstic, nearest the camera

Cranbourne's hard workers, in the kitchen!
Katie Rowe, Gayle Cameron and Sue Bridges
Is he coming? Is she not? A surprising number of last-minute withdrawals and last-minute entries kept us guessing right up to the start of the tournament on Sunday, but the numbers settled and we played three equal sections of 12, with some interesting results. Before we started, it was my privilege to present Noel Coulter with his 1000 game badge. Congratulations Noel!
Morning and afternoon tea were provided by Sue Bridges and Gayle Cameron who also played in the tournament, and by Elaine Capewell who was not well enough to attend but nevertheless sent her usual delicious cakes and slices.
Two boxes of Harry Potter Scrabble Sets were awarded after Game 6. Dianne Davis took one home for the Smallest Winning Margin with just one point difference, and Val Wills won the other for the Lowest Winning Score of just 298. Taped under a "lucky chair" was a photo of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Annette Casey was the winner of this third prize, a tall jar of unusual coloured and scented soaps.

Division C winners: Annette Casey, Rena
Aitken, Laura Khan

Division B: Siva Sivapalasundram, Lorraine
Thomas, John Rider

Division A: Cheryle Jerram, Angie Pearse,
Natasha Podesser, Geoff Wright

Annette Casey, who won the Lucky Seat Prize
after sitting on the hidden Royal Couple!
Laura Khan won C Section with 6 wins and a margin of 190. Christiane McCann was 2nd with 5 wins and a 316 margin, and Annette Casey also with 5 wins came in 3rd with a margin of 154. Lynne Goodinson had an excellent score of 528 to win High Game, and Rena Aitken took home the High Word prize with 90 for DECEIVER.
The B section was won by John Rider with 6 wins and a margin of 392, followed by Siva Sivapalasundram who had 5 wins and a 349 margin, closely followed in 3rd place by Lorraine Thomas who also won 5 games. Her margin was 326. Dianne Gibson's score of 508 won the High Game award, and Siva Sivapalasundram scored 90 for FORINTS for the High Word prize.
Geoff Wright had a great day in Section A with 6 wins and the top margin of 547. Cheryle Jerram surprised herself with 5 wins for 2nd place with a margin of 206, and Natasher Podesser made a late run to finish 3rd with 4 wins and a margin of 284. Lynn Weaver had the highest scoring game in the A section with 504, and the High Word prize went to Angie Pearse who scored 95 points for ENDOWING.

Katie Rowe with Noel Coulter, very proud of
his 1000 game badge

Siva Sivapalasundram v. Phil Moller, with Glen
Chandler playing John Rider at the next board

Tournament Director Katie Rowe at the end of
the day, very happy that all is almost done!

Jenny Brysha v. Dianne Davis, with Natasha
Podesser playing Alan Burn next door
Marj Miller's help was invaluable in so many ways, but particularly guiding me on the computer program which I only use once a year and trip up on occasionally, and Gayle Cameron and Sue Bridges made catering look easy. Norma Fisher must have been up at dawn to deliver equipment and help set up, although unable to stay for the tournament, and Rob York made a quick delivery before he too had to leave. Thanks also to Geoff Shepheard for so much assistance after the tournament.
Thanks to Katie for this great report, and thanks to the Cranbourne members for their hard work and yummy baking!
Some happy players, with excellent ratings gains after the event, were Cheryle Jerram + 45, John Rider +39, Annette Casey +39, Laura Khan +38, and Siva Sivapalsundram + 33. Well done to everyone!
To check the full results of the 2018 Cranbourne Tournament click HERE

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The 2018 Tri-State Challenge in Gundagai - Victoria Win again!!

The final standings - only games played between
the three states counted towards the team results.
Another enjoyable weekend trip to Gundagai where Victoria was once again victorious in a tight finish to defeat ACT and New South Wales. Thirty-one players competed (10 ACT, 11 Victoria and 10 NSW).
Play commenced at 1pm on Saturday afternoon with 5 games followed by two after dinner. At the end of the night, Victoria had a handsome lead of 10 games.
But then, how the tides turn. On Sunday morning, NSW and ACT made their late charges and either could have overtaken Victoria.
Tremendous thanks are due to John Hamilton for his outstanding work in determining how best to format the tournament for fairness. Four sections with 3 playing round robins and one a straight Australian Draw with a King of the Hill worked out brilliantly.
Noel Coulter had a double with HEISTING for 158 and the Highest Game score of 552; and Norma Fisher was the winner of the Highest Ratings Gain with 59 points. Novice Hillary Wilde of Tumut competed and it was pleasing to see Arie Holla play before he moves from Tumut to Ballarat later in the year.

The Victorian team, with Heather Long missing!
Well done to you all!

The team from the Australian Capital Territory -
congrats on second place

Team New South Wales, who came in a close third!
Well done, N.S.W.

The Victorian team singing their new theme song,
penned by Peter and Glenys Dettmann

The Victorian team stood up this year with a ditty sung to the tune of "On the Road to Gundagai" penned by Glenys and Peter Dettmann: VICTORIAN THEME SONG
There's a stack on my rack
That I want to throw back
At the Tri-State in Gundagai.

Where the Vics are competing
And winning without cheating
Beneath the cloudy sky.

Tho' Actrarians and Welshies are trying their best,
They will struggle to beat us 'cos we have the zest
So...we keep playing to win
Which is never thought a sin
Then return from Gundagai!

Next year's Tri-State Challenge (to be hosted by NSW) is booked in at the Junee RSL for May 4 and 5, 2019. Put it in your diaries now. Accommodation in town includes the Junee Motor Inn, The Crossing Motel and the Junee Tourist Park. Make sure you book your accommodation early. (Thanks to Carol Johnsen for this report.)

Carol Johnsen with Div A
winner, Bob Jackman
from NSW

Carol with Norma Fisher,
winner of Division B and
High Rating Gain

Gary Pollard from NSW, winner of Div C,
with Owen Randall (ACT) and opponent
George Khamis (NSW)

Carol congratulates Division
D winner, Glenys Dettmann
from Victoria

Serious play in progress - Ronnie Bennett (ACT)
plays Norma Fisher from Victoria, with Noel
Coulter and Peter Bauer, both from Victoria

First-time tournament
player Hillary Wilde
from Tumut, NSW

To check the full results of the 2018 Tri-State Challenge click HERE

Vale Doug Ristic ~ May 7, 2018

Doug, looking healthy and happy, in 2010
at the Marwal Centre in Balwyn North.

The Vic Team at Wagga Wagga in 2011, with Doug on the right

Doug in his element, after
catching a heap of fish.
Doug had played scrabble for many years, in many tournaments and at various clubs. He was particularly fond of traveling to the Border Challenges, which took him to Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, and various towns in Victoria's west, such as Dimboola, Donald, Nhill and Horsham. His first recorded tournament is the 2001 Victorian Championship, and his most played opponents over the years were Mal Eden, the late Alan Cole and Dorothy Barraclough.
Doug always spoke lovingly of his mother, who managed to keep all the family in touch in spite of time spent in homes in various places, such as Geelong.
His greatest interest, probably even greater than Scrabble, was fishing. One of Doug's best mates was Rex Hunt, well known AFL footballer, commentator and fisherman. Last week on his radio show Rex made the comment that Doug was a champion fisherman, and always ready to teach the sport to those with less knowledge.
Many remember Doug as a very difficult and outspoken person, but many also remember him as being a kind-hearted and caring person. He passed away on Monday May 7th after a series of health problems, and his ashes have been scattered over The Three Sisters fishing area off Sorrento pier, a favourite take-off place for many of his fishing ventures.
Thank you to Dianne Davis and Frank Csarics for attending the lovely service, held in a rotunda near Sorrento pier, following which ten of Doug's family and friends took to sea in a friend's fishing boat to scatter his ashes.
Doug is survived by his three sisters and three brothers. Rest in peace, Doug.

The annual Nunawading Tournament ~ April 29, 2018

The Nunawading Players, front: John Parker, Cheryle Jerram,
Elaine McGinnes, Fintan Conway. Back: Phil Moller, Geoff
Shepheard, Margaret Hopstaken, Latha Weerakkody, Karen Harris
and Fintan's carer Kate.

Sixty keen players competed at our regular venue,
the Box Hill Senior Citizens' Centre, in four
divisions: Masters, Advanced, Intermediate and

Margaret Hopstaken from the
Nunawading Club, who played
(and thoroughly enjoyed!)
her first tournament.

Karen Harris, also from the
Nunawading Club, who
returned after a break from
tournament play.
Thanks to Cheryle Jerram, convenor of the Nunawading Scrabble Club, for this report:
A number of members of the Nunawading Club had success: Cheryle Jerram, Geoff Shepheard and John Parker were all in ‘the money’. Our Novice, Margaret Hopstaken, enjoyed her first competition, and Karen Harris played again after an absence. Other winners were Natasha Podesser, Paula Messer, and Ann Goodwin. Delicious food provided by our caterer, Elaine Capewell, was supplemented by generous contributions from club members. Our Director and computer operator, Marj Miller, again made an invaluable contribution with some help from Barry Harridge. Carol Johnsen and Norma Fisher were again stalwart supporters.

The Masters winners: Natasha
Podesser, first and High Word: EXPLAIN
for 131 points, with Geoff Wright,
third place. Missing: Gwen Lampre second
and Andrew Fisher High Game 573.

Advanced: Cheryle Jerram first (won all 7
games!), Geoff Shepheard second, Barry
Harridge High Game 497 & High Word
UNPLACED 98 points. Missing: Lynn
Weaver third.

The Intermediate winners: Tam Dasika
second place and High Word JEERINGS 101,
with Paula Messer first place, Dorothy Rice
High Game 498 points, and John Parker third

Recreation Champions: Del Stitz third,
Ann Goodwin first, with Trish Magee,
second place and High Game 504 and High
Word BASTIONS 149 points, the best
overall for the day.
Impressive ratings gains were achieved by Cheryle Jerram +77, Trish Magee +44, Gwen Lampre +44, and Tam Dasika +41. Well done to these players, and to all award winners in each division.
To check the full results of the 2018 Nunawading tournament click HERE

Saturday Session IV ~ April 14, 2018

The fourth and final session of the first batch of Saturday Sessions for the year saw forty players in attendance at St Gabriel's School in Reservoir , despite some rather inclement weather. Players were divided into six divisions, and all played five games. Winners on the day were Andrew Fisher, Julie Belle, Barry Harridge, Rob York, Robin Steward and Annette Casey. Congrats, everyone!

Annette Casey, Div F

Robin Steward, Div E

Rob York, Div D

Barry Harridge, Div C

Julie Belle, Div B

Andrew Fisher, Div A

Prizewinners for the first four combined Sessions: in front, Oscar Ivanovski,
then from left to right: Andrew Fisher, Carol Johnsen, Geoff Shepheard,
Dorothy Barraclough, Shaun Donnelly, Elizabeth McKean & Ann Goodwin.
The Overall Results:
There were two Ratings Gain prizes overall, and these were won by Robin Steward and Carol Johnsen, well done to you both.
Points were also awarded over the four Sessions based on placings - first in a section was awarded 6 points, second - 5 points, third - 4 points, fourth - 3 points, fifth - 2 points, sixth place and below received 1 point. (In the case of ties the prize monies were equally divided between the players.) Saturday Sessions Awards were presented as per the above system:
For those rated above 1350 Carol Johnsen's aggregate was 22, with Andrew Fisher second on 19 and Geoff Shepheard third on 16.
For those rated 1000-1349 Robin Steward's aggregate was 23, followed by Shaun Donelly 19 and Dorothy Barraclough on 17.
For those rated Under 1000 Elizabeth McKean's aggregate was 17, followed by Ann Goodwin and Oscar Ivanovski who tied for second place on 16 points.
The concept of this series of tournaments has been well received by the players, and we thank Nick Ivanovski for his foresight in organising and running them, and thanks to Clare Ivanovski for looking after refreshments for us.
The next series of four Saturday Sessions commences on July 14, and we hope you can make it!
To see the full results of Saturday Session IV click HERE

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