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Collins Scrabble Words

The 5th edition of Collins Scrabble Words was adopted in Australia for tournament and club use officially from 1 July 2019. This reference is often referred to as CSW19.

A censored version of CSW19 was published in 2022 with 419 words deemed as hate speech and deleted. This is called CSW21 or CSW22. Except for the printable lists below, the lists here have not been adjusted.

Word Lists (CSW19)

David Sutton maintained word lists of various categories such as weapons, bald people, vomiting etc. on the ABSP site

Printable lists

Here are some lists suitable for printing. Each list will open in your browser, and you print it from there. By using a judicious adjustment of scale, margins, omitting headers, orientation and so on, you can get it how you like. You could even print to a PDF. CSW21 deletions are grey. Two and three letter words Hooks to two letter words Four letter words Five letter words Six letter words Seven letter words