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New Collins List

The 3rd edition of Collins Scrabble Words was adopted in Australia for tournament and club use officially from 1 January 2012. The HarperCollins information on the third editon of Collins Official Scrabble Words has the ISBN number 978-0-00-742562-4. Note it is best to order through your state ASPA President.

Alan Mathews of Tasmania has prepared a document with the list of new words and the deletions, for words of length of 3-9. This PDF file may be downloaded from here

The new reference is often referred to as CSW12, and this is the way it appears in the updated version 2.1.6 of zyzzyva. It may be downloaded from Zyzzyva which has been developed by Michael Thelen

Word Lists adjusted for CSW12

A number of our pages with different word lists have been updated, please refer to these and let Martin know of any corrections or additions.

Word Lists

  • David Sutton provides CSW12 word lists of various sorts on the WESPA site
  • David Sutton maintains word lists of various sorts on the ABSP site
  • A book of Scrabble lists is published by Collins based on "Collins Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List"
  • Bob Jackman also has word lists on his SOWPODS site (Not updated for Collins)
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