Scrabble New South Wales

Coffs Harbour Scrabble Club

Convenor: Keith Bancroft

Phone: 0421 334 216

Club meets Wednesdays 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Venue: Coffs CEX Club, Cnr Pacific Highway and Vernon Street, Coffs Harbour

Click here for summary of Convenor Radio Interview on 2AIR-FM on March 14th 2019

From the convenor:

“Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart. Intelligence is not information alone but also judgement, the manner in which information is collated and used.” - Carl Sagan-

Coffs Scrabble Club was formed by Keith and Gwen Bancroft after identifying a need for such a club in the area. Our vision for the club was the promotion of enjoyment, education, language and health benefits of Scrabble within a framework of a social interactive environment.

Initially, it was considered to have a 20 to 30 minute educational session prior to commencement of play on various aspects of the game of Scrabble. However, finding a suitable affordable venue in the area to achieve our aims was most challenging. A long period of research followed before a suitable venue was found.

The inaugural meeting convened, on 5th December 2018, contained some debate re: the merits of a talkfest prior to session commencement of play, considering the diverse playing levels of members. As the sessions would cover a wide variety of topics but mostly aimed at educating new inductees about Scrabble & equipping them with the tools needed to stimulate their desire to progress to a higher level; & in doing so advancing the overall level of the Club. However, it was considered that this may not be worthwhile to the advanced players & would impact on playing time overall.

Over the following week, much thought was given to the comments but also how to achieve our stated aims. It was then decided to issue an informative/educational type newsletter each week with a view to education & hopefully stimulating interest in the game of Scrabble. The newsletter should also offer information of interest to the veteran players as well. There only remained the problem of how to deal with the issue when players are unable to attend some sessions & would miss out on the weekly hand-out, The idea of an internet website to upload each newsletter had appealed to many, & those who thought the idea unattractive would still receive a paper hand-out & back issues.

Further, it was decided to impose a weekly attendance fee for equipment & expiring resources etc. It was also a condition by the host venue that each player would be required to become members of the host club. Additionally, it was considered that membership of NSW Scrabble was also a priority. Due to limited financial resources of some members it was decided to deduct NSW Scrabble fees from the weekly attendance fee. However, the submitted application would only occur once a member had attended a pre-determined number of attendances.

One of the biggest challenges for the Club is educating new members on the need to use the one source for word reference. And for Scrabble, a dictionary specifically designed for the game, that is the Collins Dictionary for countries outside of North America. Imagine a cricket team walking onto a field and each has their own rule book, it doesn’t work.

The royal family are forbidden from playing Monopoly, however Scrabble is fair game. If like the royal family, ie. Prince William & Duchess Kate, if losing, you pick the board up & throw it out the window (who cleans up); we may be able to tame the beast within. Will & Kate please contact us!

If you wish to improve your game or just want to socialise, please join us I’m sure you will be richly rewarded in more ways than you can image. Do your brain a favour, after all what have you got to lose – your own ignorance – and everything to gain? - especially, fun.

“Success is a journey, not a destination” - Arthur Ashe -
I wish you every success on your Scrabble journey.
Regards - Keith Bancroft - Convenor

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