SIDEEVENT Pairings for round 9

Results from round 8

1*Ivor Zetler7+734   table 5 Norma Tracey
2 Sharon Sorensen6+209   table 6*Peter Shaw
3*Margaret Berliner5+314   table 7 Krystyna Batten
4 Chris Ostrowski5+216   table 8*Liz Jackman
5*Peter Shaw4+326   table 6 Sharon Sorensen
6 Norma Tracey4+86   table 5*Ivor Zetler
7*Josie Mally4-361   table 9 Louisa Doyle
8 Moana Nepia3-34   table 10*Julie Banister
9 Louisa Doyle3-474   table 9*Josie Mally
10 Krystyna Batten2.5-123   table 7*Margaret Berliner
11*Liz Jackman2.5-318   table 8 Chris Ostrowski
12*Julie Banister2-575   table 10 Moana Nepia

The player with the asterisk plays first.

High game:Peter Shaw515
High word:Norma Tracey DONGLES84