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Selecting Australia's World Youth Scrabble team for 2022

The 2022 World Youth Scrabble Championship will be held online as it was last year. October 15/16 and October 22/23 will have matches scheduled to fit time zones. The third weekend October 29/30 will be a playoff of the top eight.
The event will use Woogles ( and will be organised by the Pakistan Scrabble Association with helpers around the world.
Australia and New Zealand together may send 7 young players. Australian youth get free entry thanks to CASPA. However all suitable players are welcome, provided they play an entry fee.
There is a dedicated website with more information on the technical and other requirements and the schedule.
For more information about Youth Scrabble in the international context, including reports of the previous WYSC events please visit
For news about the Youth Scrabble happenings in Victoria (and often news about Youth Scrabble in a wider context), have a look at

Selection process

This is an invitational event where players are selected by each participating country. For Australia the selection is done by the Council of Australian Scrabble Players Association. The rules for selection for free entry (ie the Australian quota places) in 2022 are:

The secondary criterion is number of rated games within the qualification period. If two players have the same peak rating, the one with the greater number of games in the qualification period is ranked higher.

Please inform Tony Hunt ( if you are aware of any other young Australian Scrabble players. Tony will check age requirements and advise on registration.

Qualification status at 17.08.2022

World Youth Cup 2022
in period
Peak Status
1 Ronnie Bennett (ACT) 110 1633happy
2 Alex Lam (NSW) 34 1399happy
3 Oscar Ivanovski (VIC) 122 1188happy
4 Jeffery Lam (NSW) 34 1124happy
   Asher Chhabra (NSW) 13 998Needs to play 25 games in the period.
5 Patrick Huynh (NSW) 36 876happy
   Jason Tang (NSW) 7 858Needs to play 25 games in the period.
6 Joel Philip (QLD) 31 837happy
7 Vinh Nguyen (NSW) 87 796happy
8 Ashwin Page (QLD) 39 767nearly in
9 Jerene Philip (QLD) 31 747nearly in
11 Raymond Tri (NSW) 86 596nearly in
   Keena Tri (NSW) 23 500Needs to play 25 games in the period.
   Tracy Nguyen (NSW) 6 500Needs to play 25 games in the period.

Recently processed:
16.07.2022 Wollongong Winter Tournament (NSW) , Vinh! (+57), Raymond (-10)
17.07.2022 AGM Tournament (WA)
17.07.2022 SA July AGM (SA)
24.07.2022 ACT AGM (ACT) , Ronnie (+0)
24.07.2022 NSW Winter Masters (NSW)
24.07.2022 QLD July (QLD) , Ashwin! (+16)
24.07.2022 SCRABBLE IN JULY (VIC) , Oscar (-3)
30.07.2022 Townsville Saturday (QLD)
31.07.2022 Townsville Sunday (QLD)