Word Judging

For many years, tournament organisers have been able to use a suitable computer program on computer or even a tablet to allow players to have words adjudicated. However from 14 Jan 2021, CASPA introduced a rule allowing adjudication by electronic devices at the players' table, if agreed to both players (see Rule 10.3b in the aside). Here is a guide to what might be acceptable, and some apps which may be suitable. If you are accustomed to how you use an app at home, you may need to adjust settings for tournament play. Before you judge a play, show your opponent the app that you are using, and the mode it is in.

What is required

Any device used to adjudicate words during a Scrabble tournament must have the following features:
Collins Scrabble Words (CSW 2019). The setting which achieves this varies. This should be done well before the tournament. This choice of lexicon should be visible.
The definition and/or part of speech should not be shown.
A solver mode which shows anagrams and/or hooks is very naughty.
Word entry
You should be able to enter several words. Judging one after another is wrong.
Several words
One ✔ or ✘, not individually shown.
Desirable but not mandated:
Not part of a suite
Auto clear
Clear after a few seconds. Otherwise an option to clear.


Wali Timer
Wali Timer has three modes, the Word Checker is what should be used.
Wali Timer
Wali Timer has a timer clock which can call up the word judge.
Word Checker
Word Checker is a standalone program. But it needs to be configured for tournament play.
Word Checker settings
Word Checker: Turn off definitions and highlighting bad words.
Hoot word judge, is installed as part of a suite, but can then be launched as a standalone app.

iPhone and iPad

ULU is a suite of solver, judge and timer.
Collins latest version allows checking more than one word. Use Tournament setting


The program Zyzzyva (Windows or Mac) can be set up as a word judge. It has many other solving and quiz functions but the word judge will be full screen.


There are no recommended online word judges. The one provided by Collins Dictionary says it is the only official online checker. It fails every test.
It seems to be CSW19, but this is not displayed
Definition and part of speech shown
Word Entry
If two words are to be challenged they are done one at a time.

App download

Word Checker
Wali Scrabble Timer
Hoot for Collins
iPhone and iPad
Collins Scrabble