Nick Ivanovski
Nick Ivanovski Nick is now the Victorian President, and we wish him well. Nick has been heavily involved in working as Publicity Officer with the international Scrabble body WESPA, as well as running many local tournaments and contributing to the advancement of Scrabble through a "Scrabble Victoria" Facebook website, and running internet tournaments. An extremely accomplished player, Nick has wonderful IT skills which will be an asset in his new position.
email: nicksfbemail@gmail.com
Christie Godby
Christie Godby
Secretary & Public Officer
Carol Johnsen
Carol Johnsen Carol has taken over the position of Secretary of ASPA (Vic) and is Coordinator of the National Scrabble body, the Council of Australian Scrabble Players Association. Carol is heavily involved in organising national matters, tournaments, interstate challenges, and also fills the position of National Mattel Liaison Officer. Carol is also the Convenor of the Bentleigh Scrabble Club and is an avid supporter of the Melbourne Football Club.
Peter Kougi
Peter Kougi Peter joined the Committee as Treasurer in 2018, and his skills as an accountant mean he is well suited to the task. Peter's interests include soccer, and of course Scrabble - he is one of Australia's top-level players, and loves nothing more than a tough challenge across the Scrabble board.
Committee Member
Rules Officer
Trevor Halsall
Trevor Halsall Tournament play in Australia is governed by a set of national rules, requiring ongoing revision and refinement. Trevor represents all Victorian players in a two-way communication with the national organisation (CASPA). Trevor is one of our top Scrabble players, and a very keen competitor at tournaments, both locally and overseas.
Committee Member
Membership Officer
Glen Chandler
Glen Chandler Glen has taken up the duties of Membership Officer, a quite demanding position. The annual subscription remains at $20 per year and entitles players to a privileged entry fee at regular tournaments, discounts on reference books and access to the nationally produced quarterly news magazine "Across the Board". Glen loves Scrabble, and her other interests include teaching at U3A, playing tennis, swimming most days, and reading.
Committee Member
Natasha Podesser
Natasha Podesser Natasha brings youth and many skills to the Committee. Natasha played her first scrabble tournament at the age of ten and is now a formidable opponent, having gained international experience and made many friends during several trips to the World Youth Scrabble Championship, playing in various countries.
Committee Member
Anand Bharadwaj
Anand Bharadwaj Anand joined the Committee in August 2018, and plans to assist with promotion of Youth Scrabble.
Committee Member
Elizabeth McKean
Elizabeth McKean Elizabeth has recently joined the Committee, and is a keen player with a love of words and cooking. Her many skills and caring personality will be an asset to the Committee.
Committee Member
Rob York
Rob York Rob has returned for a second tour of duty on the Committee, and his experience and strong work ethic will be invaluable to his fellow Committee members. Rob is the President of the Essendon Scrabble Club as well as Convenor of the Fairfield & Northcote Scrabble Club, and also has an interest in model railroading.