Australian Masters and State Challenge
Adelaide 2014

Annotated games

Many thanks to the team of South Australian players who looked over shoulders to record racks and moves, and others who entered the games into the computer. Opportunities for errors occur at each stage. If you find an error, it may be best for you to retrieve the gcg file, correct it and upload it and then let Barry Harridge know. You may even wish to insert comments.
Annotated games at
MASTERS1Andrew FisherPeter Kougi FOLLOW
MASTERS1Edward OkuliczNaween Fernando FOLLOW
MASTERS3Andrew FisherBob Jackman FOLLOW
MASTERS5Bob JackmanPeter Kougi FOLLOW
MASTERS6Russell HoneybunTony Hunt FOLLOW
MASTERS8Adam KretschmerCameron Farlow FOLLOW
MASTERS9Naween FernandoRyan Anderson FOLLOW
MASTERS10Mythili RudraNaween Fernando FOLLOW
MASTERS11Rod TalbotTony Hunt FOLLOW
MASTERS12Adam KretschmerDaniel Piechnick FOLLOW
MASTERS15Edward OkuliczEsther Perrins FOLLOW
MASTERS15Adam KretschmerBob Jackman FOLLOW
MASTERS16Matte DunnRod Talbot FOLLOW
STATES6John HamiltonKeri Heart FOLLOW