Twenty of the top players will play the Australian Masters as a round robin in Adelaide at the Glenelg Club Stratarama Stadium on Sat 7th and Sun 8th September. At the same time, teams of three players from each of seven states or territories play the State Team Challenge as head-to-head matches.

Rule variation

Masters section has 5 point penalty for each word challenged but correct.

The contenders

The table below shows the teams according to qualification criteria set by the Council of the Australian Scrabble Players Association.

Australian Masters

The selection comprises the best twenty active players (those players who have played at least one game during the qualification period) ranked by Q statistic.

State Team Challenge

Each state team will comprise three eligible players who have not already been selected for the Masters event and are the next best three from their state, ranked by Q statistic.
If insufficient eligible players are available … If insufficient eligible players are available, the state will not be permitted to participate in the State Team Challenge for that year unless a maximum of one stand-in can be fielded before the tournament from any state (generally, but not necessarily, that state in which the tournament takes place). That stand-in must also meet the above criteria.
An eligible stand-in may also be fielded in the event of illness or other unforeseen circumstance during the tournament.

Selection by ratings

The primary criterion for ranking candidates is the Q statistic

Players may appeal to CASPA for a special dispensation in exceptional circumstances. In the event of any unforeseen issue the decision of CASPA is final.

The Qstat is Q = (P1 + P2 + 2 x P3)/4 where P1, P2, P3 are peaks from Jun to Sep, Oct to Jan and Feb to May. Extrapolated Qstat is shown, together with the peak(games) in each period. 40 games required.

Australian Masters

Q Stat
need 40
Peak (games)
Jun to Sep
Peak (games)
Oct to Jan
Peak (games)
Feb to May
David Eldar (VIC) 2126.5074✓ 2113(37)2113(31)2140(6)
Edward Okulicz (VIC) 1947.50106✓ 1927(80)1968(26)
Cameron Farlow (QLD) 1934.50106✓ 1936(51)1958(47)1922(8)
Andrew Fisher (VIC) 1917.7551✓ 1921(37)1906(7)1922(7)
Naween Fernando (VIC) 1917.5087✓ 1922(56)1952(24)1898(7)
Trevor Halsall (VIC) 1861.0056✓ 1848(49)1874(7)
Peter Kougi (VIC) 1859.25*10   1696(0)1915(7)1913(3)
Esther Perrins (NSW) 1852.0087✓ 1882(61)1874(18)1826(8)
Victor Tung (NSW) 1799.0080✓ 1815(43)1783(37)
Adam Kretschmer (SA) 1756.7567✓ 1756(40)1755(22)1758(5)
John Holgate (NSW) 1756.00154✓ 1729(85)1791(54)1752(15)
Ryan Sutton (NSW) 1754.75139✓ 1741(70)1772(62)1753(7)
Geoff Wright (VIC) 1735.50113✓ 1770(57)1784(42)1694(14)
Rod Talbot (NSW) 1734.75171✓ 1782(94)1769(62)1694(15)
Joanne Craig (NSW) 1733.50108✓ 1777(58)1741(34)1708(16)
Daniel Piechnick (SA) 1718.00*36   1833(36)1603(0)
Stephen Mooney Purse(TAS) 1700.0013   1696(4)1704(9)
Bob Jackman (NSW) 1687.25162✓ 1725(85)1710(54)1657(23)
Nick Ivanovski (VIC) 1682.5068✓ 1706(48)1690(14)1667(6)

State Challenge

Q Stat
need 40
Peak (games)
Jun to Sep
Peak (games)
Oct to Jan
Peak (games)
Feb to May
Mythili Rudra (VIC1) 1679.00*9   1525(0)1741(5)1725(4)
Ronnie Bennett (ACT1) 1646.5055✓ 1678(40)1615(15)
Carmel Dodd (SA1) 1645.00166✓ 1622(82)1658(73)1650(11)
John Spaan (ACT2) 1636.0060✓ 1660(35)1652(17)1616(8)
Karen Richards (QLD1) 1627.25217✓ 1624(109)1663(84)1611(24)
Rael Hayman (NSW1) 1623.0070✓ 1670(54)1612(9)1605(7)
Tony Hunt (NSW2) 1620.25100✓ 1644(49)1597(36)1620(15)
Jane Taylor (SA2) 1606.25180✓ 1690(101)1603(73)1566(6)
Noel Barrett (ACT3) 1601.00175✓ 1712(102)1664(58)1514(15)
Rocky Sharma (NSW3) 1597.0061✓ 1604(24)1590(37)
John Hamilton (ACT4) 1588.2549✓ 1617(15)1618(26)1559(8)
Nat Podesser (VIC2) 1586.5051✓ 1607(37)1593(7)1573(7)
Oscar Ivanovski (VIC3) 1563.50125✓ 1513(73)1587(38)1577(14)
Graeme Lock Lee (NSW4) 1561.5088✓ 1630(70)1493(18)
Jyoti Chandna (NSW5) 1547.7577✓ 1452(18)1579(44)1580(15)
Dianne Brumby (TAS1) 1539.2583✓ 1468(43)1535(26)1577(14)
Heather Long (VIC4) 1526.5016   1517(6)1536(10)
Dianne Davis (VIC5) 1523.2584✓ 1496(39)1533(31)1532(14)
Greg Pinchbeck (NSW6) 1517.50156✓ 1526(70)1520(71)1512(15)
Antony Kimber (SA3) 1511.5093✓ 1536(35)1540(52)1485(6)
Alistair Kane (VIC6) 1510.00*7   1413(0)1607(7)
Tony Miller (SA4) 1503.0038   1497(10)1509(28)
Trevor Tao (SA5) 1496.00*4   1596(4)1396(0)
Paul Richards (QLD2) 1495.75184✓ 1596(101)1517(75)1435(8)
Helen Hynes (QLD3) 1485.00*13   1545(7)1345(0)1525(6)
Martin Rose (TAS2) 1482.5068✓ 1489(26)1491(21)1475(21)
Michael Vnuk (SA6) 1469.7559✓ 1473(16)1502(32)1452(11)
Jane Brown (QLD4) 1465.00109✓ 1505(51)1511(50)1422(8)
Roberta Tait (QLD5) 1454.0040✓ 1434(8)1474(32)
Tony Williams (ACT5) 1449.5041✓ 1434(8)1465(33)
Jon Ford-King (TAS3) 1441.7550✓ 1439(22)1458(21)1435(7)
Sheryl Davidson (QLD6) 1439.50114✓ 1404(67)1446(39)1454(8)
Alex Boiko (ACT6) 1427.0070✓ 1436(42)1418(28)
Khen Meerding (TAS4) 1401.5048✓ 1399(26)1404(22)
Margaret Webb (TAS5) 1397.5025   1400(16)1395(9)
Ros Wilkinson (TAS6) 1316.7566✓ 1316(31)1323(15)1314(20)

Recently processed:
18.02.2024 SA February (SA) New peak for Jane Taylor
18.02.2024 Wgong Round Robins (NSW) New peak for Ryan Sutton, John Holgate, Tony Hunt, Rael Hayman, Jyoti Chandna, Rod Talbot, Bob Jackman, Noel Barrett, Greg Pinchbeck
24.02.2024 February ACT (ACT) New peak for John Hamilton, John Spaan
24.02.2024 MATCHPLAY QUALIFIER (NSW) New peak for Greg Pinchbeck, Rod Talbot, Bob Jackman, Jyoti Chandna, Esther Perrins, Noel Barrett, Joanne Craig
25.02.2024 BAYSIDE OPEN 1 (VIC) New peak for Andrew Fisher, Dianne Davis, Oscar Ivanovski, Naween Fernando, Nat Podesser, David Eldar, Nick Ivanovski, Mythili Rudra, Peter Kougi
02.03.2024 Ross March (TAS) New peak for Ros Wilkinson, Jon Ford-King
03.03.2024 Bomaderry (NSW) New peak for Bob Jackman, Tony Hunt