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2nd High game score (and game margin)

Final board position

Joan Rosenthal
Joan Rosenthal  688

Chris May  253

Game margin:  435
(Scoresheet below)




Chatswood Tournament (Sydney)
Masters Division
Round 2 (of 7)
July 6, 2002

  Move Points Total Move Points Total
1 JIZ  8g 38 38 BIZ  i6 15 15
2 FUNEBRAL  6e 67 105 IMITATER*  h8 0 15
3 ALMONER  9d 89 194 MATTIER*  10g 0 15
4 AQUA  8a 45 239 TRIM  5c 26 41
5 KIVA  k3 22 261 QUAI  b8 15 56
6 GRAY  12a 34 295 XU 13c 39 95
7 OWNS  10f 47 342 OIL  11e 25 120
8 GOV  14d 22 364 LITOTE*  h1 0 120
9 SONERIs 12g 79 443 GOAT  a12 15 135
10 ENTWInED  4g 74 517 KON  3k 19 154
11 FEH 3e 22 539 LEY  2d 32 186
12 STEERED  1a 92 631 PET  11j 20 206
13 CAB  2l 21 652 ETH  13k 26 232
14 ODIC  h12 21 673 PSI  o1 23 255
15 AGO 14m 13 686      
  Value of tiles left +2 688   -2 253

* Indicates non-allowable words (challenged play; turn missed).

Comments from Joan:
The whole game was fun for me and not for Chris. I didn't feel at all that I was heading for an Australian record, just kept pulling letters out of the bag...

I think the significant factors were that I was getting good letter combinations that fitted good places on the board; I was able to score consistently (even on my "dump" moves); Chris was getting a lot of drek; and his plausible tries which resulted in 3 nonwords gave me 3 more turns than he had. That and the fact that I started gave me 4 more turns in the game than Chris, which was 4 more opportunities to score than might have been expected.

Comments from Chris:
Please mention that both of us were actually playing in Masters, and I'm not a tournament novice!  I can only attribute 250 of the points by which I lost to distractions...

I hope she enjoyed it as much as I wallowed in self-pity afterwards...

Joan must have decided at this stage [Move 4] that if that idiot Chris hadn't seen AMARETTI by now then he never would, and gave me the third different place to play it - a triple word score this time... [Editor's Note: Joan says she didn't see AMARETTI]

I must confess that the lyrics of "Hair" were running through my head at the time, perhaps as a consequence of the friendly pre-tournament abuse hurled my way on account of my unkempt and rather lengthy locks, and in said song the word MATTY* is used as an adjective. I was so confident I tracked my tiles [MATTIER] while the challenge was taken up...

Also thanks to everybody through the rest of the day who kindly informed me that LITOTES is an anagram of TOILETS - a dollar for each of you and I could have shouted dinner at the Lane Cove Steak House for the entire membership of ASPA NSW...

For the rest of the game I decided to prove that if I didn't know anything else I at least knew the 3 letter words.

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