S1 C3 R1 A1 B3 B3 L1 E1
A1 U1 S1 T1 R1 A1 L1



High game score: 698

Chris May 698

Greg Pinchbeck  279

Game margin:  419

Recorded at the 2006 Spring Marathon, 14.10.2006

Comments from Chris:

  • Bingos were COHEIRS, CONDORES, MAUSOLEA, BAnTERED, NITrATED and INFLATE. No triple-triples.
  • Also got 57 for WIFELY and 45 for VAIN. The only challenged word was COHEIRS.
  • Greg made 279, so a 419 margin, and didn't play any false words or change tiles.
  • In fact he could have made the final score 689-343 if he'd gone out with SAMPIRE/INFLATER for 103.
  • I needed to get 8 points with my final tile - a U - to get to 700, and I could only get 6.
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