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2-Letter Words with Definitions

Bold indicates word cannot be extended with "S'
Plus sign (+) indicates word can be extended by "ES'

AA	rough jagged lava found in Hawaiian volcanos
AB an abdominal muscle
AD short form of advertisement
AE one (Scots.)
AG+ agriculture
AH (verb) to say "Ah" for joy etc
AI a three-toed South American sloth
AL+ an East Indian tree
AM+ a present tense of the verb be
AN+ as in ifs and ans, things that might have happened, but which did not [adj]
AR+ the letter "R"
AS to that extent
AT+ in the position of
AW+ exclamation of disappointment
AX+ (verb) to work on with an axe
AY+ an affirmative vote (also AYE)
BA the eternal spirit in Egyptian mythology
BE+ (verb) to exist
BI a bisexual person
BO Amer. slang for friend
BY+ near; a side issue (pl. BYS)
CH English dial. for I
DA a Burmese heavy knife
DE+ preposition meaning of or from, in names
DI a plural of deus (a god)
DO (verb) to achieve; a celebration (pl. DOS)
EA a river (dial.)
ED education
EE Scots. dial. for eye (pl. EEN)
EF the letter "F"
EH (verb) to say "Eh" for surprise etc
EL an elevated railway
EM+ a printer's measure
EN+ a printer's measure, half of an EM
ER an expression of hesitation
ES+ the letter "S"
ET a past tense of eat
EX+ the letter "X"
FA a musical note
FE a Hebrew letter
FY an interj. expressing disgust (also FIE)
GI+ a judo or karate costume
GO+ (verb) to depart; a Japanese board game (pl. GOS)
GU+ a simple violin used in Shetland (also GJU, GUE)
HA+ an exclamation of surprise
HE a male
HI+ an exclamation of greeting
HM interj. expressing thoughtful consideration
HO+ interj. calling attention
ID+ part of the psyche
IF a condition
IN (verb) to harvest
IO a cry of joy
IS a present tense of be
IT impersonal pronoun
JA yes
JO+ a sweetheart
KA+ (verb) to serve (also KAE)
KI the spirit of Japanese martial art, see QI
KO a Maori digging stick
KY+ cows (also KYE)
LA a musical note
LI+ a Chinese distance unit
LO look, behold
MA+ mother
ME+ a musical note (also MI)
MI same as ME, above
MM exclamation of satisfaction
MO+ a moment
MU a Greek letter
MY belonging to me
NA+ interj. of disbelief
NE arch. form of not
NO+ a no vote (pl. also NOES)
NU a Greek letter
NY+ (verb) to approach (pl. also NYS)
OB+ an objection
OD+ a mystic universal force
OE a grandchild in Scotland (also OY, OYE)
OF belonging to
OH (verb) to exclaim "Oh" for surprise
OI a NZ bird, petrel
OM a syllable intoned as part of a mantra
ON+ to go on
OO wool (Scots.)
OP+ an abstract art style
OR+ the heraldic colour gold
OS+ a bone
OU a bloke
OW+ interj. expressing pain
OX+ a mammal with hooves
OY+ same as OE, above
PA father
PE+ a Hebrew letter (also PEH)
PI+ (verb) to jumble or disorder (pr.p. PIEING, PIING)
PO a chamber pot
QI a Chinese life force
RE+ a musical note
SH+ interj. requesting silence
SI a musical note
SO a musical note (also SOH)
ST an exclamation of impatience
TA+ thanks
TE+ a musical note
TI+ a small tree
TO+ as far as
UG (verb) to cause hatred
UH interj. expressing disbelief
UM interj. of hesitation
UN one
UP (verb) to increase
UR+ interj. expressing hesitation
US+ a third person pronoun
UT+ a musical note
WE+ a third person pronoun
WO+ a curse
XI a Greek letter
XU a Vietnamese coin (pl. XU)
YA you
YE you
YO a call for effort
YU precious jade
ZA contraction of "pizza"
ZO a Himalayan cross between a yak and a cow (also DZO, DSO, ZHO, DZHO)
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