Scrabble ® New South Wales
Guide for Online Play with Woogles

Scrabble NSW recommends Woogles ( as the best place to play Scrabble online. Here you can play live games against human and computer opponents. You will need to set up a Woogles account in order to play Scrabble there.

Setting up a Woogles account is easy! Simply visit where you will be prompted to enter an email address, as well as come up with a username and password. You will also be asked for your date of birth, but this information will not appear anywhere on the website. You have the option of playing under your full name, but the alias of your username is fine for those who prefer anonymity. Lastly, if you want to make the game feel more like a competitive sport, you will be able to link your account to a country - a flag will appear next to your name in the lobby.

Scrabble New South Wales has its own virtual club room on Woogles. This is available for use 24/7 by members and prospective members who want to play from the comfort of their own home.

The default lexicon for Woogles is CSW21, expurgated by removal of slur words. If players prefer to use the complete CSW19 lexicon, they will need to agree with their opponent before starting their game not to challenge off a previously allowed slur word.

Woogles is free for all. However, regular attendees of the Scrabble NSW Sunday sessions or any other organised sessions in the club room will be asked to take out social membership of Scrabble NSW if they are not already a member of an Association. For more information on membership, click *here*

We maintain a list of members with Woogles usernames *here*. If you would like your name added, please email

Scrabble NSW would like to thank the team at Woogles for their work developing their site and making it freely available.