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Ratings - An Introduction

After a player has competed in their first official tournament, they will be assigned a player rating. This rating will be adjusted after each tournament that the player takes part in from then on. A new player is considered to have a provisional rating until reaching 50 rated games. Ratings are used to divide players into tournament Sections.  They are also used to set minimum ability levels at major tournaments and for selection of representative teams.

In Australia, our National Ratings System includes players from all States. Dormant players, overseas players and players not belonging to one of the State Associations may be removed without notice.

The National Ratings System incorporates the maintenance of a National Ratings file, a computer listing of rating information for each player. This includes the Nickname, Player Name, State Association, Number of Rated Games,Player Rating and Date of Last Rated Tournament Played.

From this file, secondary listings may be produced, e.g. ratings sorted numerically, alphabetically by surname or in first name order.

Enquiries regarding the National Rating System may be sent to the National Ratings Officer, Martin Waterworth, at nro@scrabble.org.au.

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