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S1 C3 R1 A1 B3 B3 L1 E1  
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P3 S1 T1   A1 R1 A1 R1 S1

Selective events

These events are invitational, based on rating.
& State Challenge
& State Challenge



The SA/VIC Border Challenge was won by South Australia 88 to 41. See Results and ratings
SA team
VIC team
The ACT Championship has been won by Ryan Sutton.
The Tasmanian Championship has been won by Khen Meerding.
Scrabble players may remember Matte Dunn, who was an accomplished Scrabble player. He won the Queensland Championship in 2006 and was part of the Australian team in 2014 for the Trans Tasman. Few knew that he had a troubled life and was for most of his life homeless and sleeping rough. He was friendly and generous in helping those new to Scrabble.
At the 2012 Decathon
Unfortunately he died with asthma in October.

The date for the 2024 Australian Masters and State Challenge has been announced as Sat 7th and Sun 8th September somewhere in Adelaide.
The NSW Championship has concluded in Sydney. It was an open event over three days, welcoming players from not only New South Wales but also Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Esther Perrins led for most of the tournament but there was a good tussle for positions toward the end. Three days with 24 rounds using resets after rounds 12 and 20 enabled a good standard of competition.
Winner: Edward Okulicz
on 17+1195
Second: Esther Perrins
on 16+1132
Third: Victor Tung
on 15+890
See all final placings here.

At the NSW Scrabble Championship, prizes were awarded for high scoring plays with words starting with the letters of CHRIS MAY. The prizes were

C → CROWINGS Rob Marotta
H → HEAVIES 95 Richard Birch
R → RIVETERS 149 Lexie Neale
I → IONIZES 99 Paul Richards
S → SNOTTERS 131 Karen Richards
M → MANGLERS 140 Dorothy Field
A → ACORNED 98 Noel Barrett
Y → YOOF 57 Victor Tung
The Australian Masters and State Challenge is an invitational event. This year it was held in Sydney.
Edward wins Aust Masters
Australian Masters winner Edward Okulicz
Queensland wins AMSC
Queensland wins State Challenge Trophy
Liz Blanch, Jane Brown and Sheryl Davidson
Chris Ostrowski wins State Challenge
States individual winner Chris Ostrowski
See the coverage at this link.
Prizes were awarded at the AMSC for words beginning with the letters of CHRISMAY.
CANDIES Edward Okulicz 94
HALLOES Greg Pinchbeck 114
RINGLETY Jane Taylor 94
IMBOSKED Trevor Halsall 115
SNAZZIER Rob Hutchison 194
MOSEYED Esther Perrins 99
APEHOODS Joanne Craig 185
YEARNERS Chris Ostrowski 67

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