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  • May 5 - Sunday Sessions 1
  • May 17 - Friday Night Scrabble
  • May 26 - WESPA Youth Cup Fundraiser
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The year ahead promises to be an exciting one for Scrabble in Victoria. We will be adding more featues to what we provide - and you can learn more about it here.

Thank you to all players who attended our event today; the first after the recently completed Nationals!.

With adjusting formats, we were able to cater for player needs with a number of people able to play for part of the event. At the conclusion, it took 5 wins to emerge victorious in each Division. Chris was able to do this relatively comfortably in A but Rob's last game victory against John was not enough as he was 6 spread points adrift at the end. Congratulations to all place-getters and other prize winners.

The podium today (L-R): John (Winner in B), Nat (Runner Up in A), Rob (Runner Up in B), Chris (Winner in A)
Nick's 555 was the highest scoring game today

After an amazing three days in the beautiful city of Perth, David Eldar secured his third National title, defeating Russell Honeybun in Game 24. Last year's Champion, Naween Fernando, came second. In the Plate, Khwanjai Thammaping was the best performing Victorian, finishing 10th.

Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting the event!

Here is how everyone from Victoria ended up:

David (1st)
Naween (2nd)
Andrew (10th)
Nick (19th)
Oscar (29th)
Nat (36th)
Carol (40th)

Khwanjai (10th)
Carolyn (39th)

Full Results - Championship
Full Results - Plate

David wins in Perth
Starting the Final Game
The Winning Board
Khwanjai with the best finish in The Plate
Victorian players in Perth
Carol playing Nat in Round 15
Father and Son players at the Nationals
David's 644 Board - the High Game Score in Perth

Thank you to the 12 players who attended our inaugural Friday Night Scrabble series of events.

Congratulations to Justin Moyle for emerging victorious - the end result came down to the outcomes of the final games, which meant a really close affair!

This was a very enjoyable evening of fun, food, and Scrabble. Stay tuned for details of the next in the series shortly

Justin Moyle wins FNS 1
The big screen on offer during games
Great to see more players in attendance!
A dessert from the venue; food available during play

What an enjoyable weekend in Ballarat! Thank you to all who supported our event.

We had three players from South Australia make the journey across - it was great to see so many different faces!

Congratulations to John Rider for winning, Jane Taylor for being runner-up, with Geoff Wright taking out the rating prize. Tessa Knight won best local prize award, with Chris Scholten taking High Game and Val Martin High Word.

Ballarat Golf Club was a great venue for us
Ballarat Club members in attendance
Three South Australian players came to play. Thanks for playing!!
Chris Scholten took out High Game with 561

The Match Play Grand Final had been delayed between Geoff and Oscar but the Final did not disappoint! The match went all the way until Geoff finished Game 5 with a bonus play!!

Congratulations to our Match Play victor, Geoff Wright…

Geoff Wright - Match Play Champion
Oscar and Geoff played a best of 5 at Boardies Bar, Fitzroy

28 players turned up for our first Bayside Open of the year! Mordy HQ is always one of our more popular venues and it was an enjoyable return for players. We welcomed Tan Zi Kang, who is here from Malaysia for the next six months. The event was an Open with prizes for the winner, runner-up, and various rating gain prizes.

David Eldar wins the Bayside Open
Andrew Fisher (runner-up) with some of the Rating Gain winners
Welcome Tan Zi Kang from Malaysia
Naween Fernando's 622 was the High Game for the day.

The fourth iteration of the Victorian Plate and Side took place in Balwyn and the tradition of a non repeat winner continues! Noel Coulter is the 2024 Victorian Plate Champion.

Jayanthi's trip down to Melbourne paid off with a placing, with Paula coming runner-up. Geoff Wright won his maiden Side event

Noel Coulter (centre) wins The Plate. Paula Messer and Jayanthi Viswanathan complete the podium. Frank's 505 the day's High Score
Geoff Wright got in front and stayed in front, winning the 2024 Side Event with 6 wins.

A new year and a new venue for us as our longstanding event The Bil Rose Aestival was played at the Camberwell Community Centre.

32 players across four divisions took part, which was an equal post-pandemic attendance for this event. Keeping with previous tradition, divisions were named for a bird theme.

It was great to see so many people from all across Victoria! Congratulations to our Division winners, David, Oscar, Oliver, and Luke and, as always, a huge thank you to all the people who supported this event.

AUKS Division Leaderboard 1st David Eldar 2nd Trevor Halsall 3rd Andrew Fisher
1st Oscar Ivanovski 2nd Chris Scholten (not in picture) 3rd Dianne Davis
CHAFFINCHES Leaderboard 1st Oliver Podesser 2nd Noel Coulter (not in picture) 3rd Glenys Dettmann
DOVES Leaderboard 1st Luke Breen 2nd Carol Rollmann 3rd Annette Casey

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