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July 24th 2021

The 2021 Nationals, hosted by Scrabble NSW, were run and won with 90 people being in attendance at the most salubrious Scrabble setting ever experienced in Australia. COVID uncertainty kept many players away, but those that made the trip were well rewarded. The tournament website is included in our popular links below and a photographic display can be viewed on our Facebook page, also linked below. At time of writing NSW has been plunged into it's second lockdown causing the cancellation of the popular Winter Challenge and Masters. Hopefully it can be rescheduled in August if the lockdowns lift in time.

Scrabble NSW is currently considering a new simplified membership model. Essentially, we are looking at separating membership from magazine subscription, while at the same time requiring affiliated clubs to pay an affiliation fee of $10 for each regular club member. Each of those players would then enjoy the benefits of membership of our Association, while the affiliated clubs would enjoy the privilege of having their own website, being able to stage rated tournaments and financial support in promotional activity. It is expected that a number of clubs will drop off our listing, but these groups will still be listed with basic details.

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