Scrabble ® New South Wales
Resources for Scrabble Players
Here are some handouts suiting for printing:
Score Sheet
Tile check sheet
2 & 3-letter words, new words shown [updated for Collins 2015]
2, 3 & 4-letter words, new words shown [updated for Collins 2015]

Information Sheets
Here are informations sheets which provide help with playing Scrabble in an electronic environment
Guide on how to play Scrabble on Facebook
Scrabble Play on ISC (Internet Scrabble Club)

Scrabble NSW organizes discounts on publications on behalf of its members. Non-members may also obtain publications at the standard price. Publications as listed below can be obtained from Scrabble NSW tournaments. Alternatively, they can be ordered by contacting Bob Jackman by phone on 9456 2659 or email Postage costs for all publications are additional.

Publication NameMembers PriceStandard PriceComment
Collins Scrabble Words 2015 Hard Cover $35 $40 Applicable from Aug 1st 2015
Collins Scrabble Dictionary 2015 Soft Cover$20$25Definitions of all Collins words up to 9 letters long
English Language Word Builder 2012 (by Bob Jackman)
[insert for Collins 2015 words]
$30 $30Groups all core words by length, familiarity and part of speech in multiple lists
Winning Words (by Bob Jackman)$20 $20All the 2, 3 & 4-letter words grouped, with definitions of all unusual words
Fabulous Fives (by Bob Jackman)$20 $20All the five letter words logically grouped, containing over 5000 definitions
Super Sixes (by Bob Jackman)$22 $22All the six letter words logically grouped, containing over 6000 definitions
Puzzler's Word Guide 2015 (by Don Hadley)$35 $35Lists all words with extensions and anagrams, differentiates new Collins words
2,3 & 4 letter word Hook Book (by Alan Mathews)$10 $12Lists all 2, 3& 4 words by length, with front and end hooks shown against each word