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The Trans Tasman is an event which has been held every two years since 1996. It has a team from Australia playing a team from New Zealand. The host country alternates.

This year the format is 28 games with 14 Aussies and 10 Kiwis. For Australians, the 28 games will include 20 against Kiwis (ie playing each Kiwi twice) plus 8 games against some fellow Australians. It is hosted at the Revesby Workers Club in Sydney from 5-7 Nov 2022.

This event will be rated within Australia. Many New Zealand players have a rating in the Australian rating data base. The lexicon is Collins Scrabble Words 2019.

Selecting Australia's team for 2022

Here is how the Australians will be selected by CASPA. The qualifying period is the six month span from 1 Apr 2022 to 3 Oct 2022. extended to include NSW Champs
Eligibility: You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident , and be a financial member of ASPA on 30 Sep 2022.
  1. The method of ranking candidates is by a two peak statistic (the Q statistic) described below..
  2. Players may appeal to CASPA for a special dispensation in exceptional circumstances.
  3. In the event of any unforeseen issue the decision of CASPA is final.

The twin peaks Q statistic

The primary criterion for ranking candidates is the Q statistic calculated like this:

  1. Subperiods are Apr to Jun and Jul to Oct 3.
  2. The Qstat: The qualifying statistic is Q = (P1 + 2 x P3)/3 , which is a weighted average of peak ratings in the two subperiods.
  3. Missed peak: There is no penalty for missing a peak.
  4. Number of games: You must play 30 games in the qualification period. Up to 30 games played in rated tournaments overseas during the period may be counted towards this quota. Ryan Sutton has played 6 rated games in London.
  5. Multiday tournament which spans two subperiods will be treated for peak and game count as occurring on the first day.
  6. Missed games: If you miss a game in a tournament for any reason other than an assigned bye, you cannot count a peak attained in that tournament for any qualification purposes. Games played will count towards games quotas. Ratings will be calculated as usual, with byes and forfeits not rated.

If two players have the same Q statistic, the one with the greater number of games in the qualification period is ranked higher. Contenders please inform Barry Harridge ( and Bob Jackman ( when you have decided yes or no. The sooner we know, the better prepared other contenders can be.

Trans Tasman 2022
14 quota
Q Stat
Peak (games)
Peak (games)
Jul-Oct 3
1.Chris May (NSW) YES 48   2049.332044(24)2052(24)
2.Naween Fernando (VIC) YES 49   1931.671949(16)1923(33)
3.Esther Perrins (NSW) YES 42   1896.671882(0)1904(42)
Joanne Craig (NZ) 124   1835.331876(40)1815(84)
4.Rod Talbot (NSW) YES 129   1796.671778(53)1806(76)
5.Trevor Halsall (VIC) YES 64   1796.331783(31)1803(33)
6.Ryan Sutton (NSW) YES 30+6   1778.331781(0)1777(24)
7.John Holgate (NSW) YES 103   1776.671770(45)1780(58)
8.Victor Tung (NSW) YES 66   1770.331739(24)1786(42)
9.Bob Jackman (NSW) YES 110   1768.001776(45)1764(65)
10.Tony Hunt (NSW) YES 137   1722.001712(59)1727(78)
11.Adam Kretschmer (SA) YES 30   1672.331705(18)1656(12)
12.Karen Richards (QLD) YES 156   1652.001734(63)1611(93)
13.Rocky Sharma (NSW) YES 64   1643.331612(21)1659(43)
14.Jane Taylor (SA) YES 145   1640.331605(64)1658(81)
15.Noel Barrett (ACT) YES 124   1635.331626(40)1640(84)
16.Geoff Wright (VIC) 58   1625.671613(37)1632(21)
17.Nat Podesser (VIC) 87   1613.001607(54)1616(33)
19.Rael Hayman (QLD) 32   1600.331607(32)1597(0)
20.Paul Richards (QLD) YES 128   1588.001610(53)1577(75)
23.Jane Brown (QLD) 82   1578.331549(32)1593(50)
24.Carmel Dodd (SA) 102   1573.331594(60)1563(42)
25.Michael Vnuk (SA) 42   1564.331551(20)1571(22)
27.Antony Kimber (SA) 47   1553.671589(24)1536(23)
28.Dianne Brumby (TAS) 99   1550.671534(32)1559(67)
29.Graeme Lock Lee (NSW) 49   1544.001498(0)1567(49)
30.Khen Meerding (TAS) 50   1538.671516(26)1550(24)

Declined: David Eldar, Anand Bharadwaj, Cameron Farlow, Andrew Fisher, Edward Okulicz, Peter Kougi, Daniel Piechnick, David Vanzyl, Mythili Rudra, Wayne Jones, John Spaan, Ronnie Bennett, John Hamilton, Jakob Teitelbaum, Michael McKenna

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