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Australian Championships 2002

Photo Gallery 2 - Presentations & social activities

Cheah with cigar Cheah + Glenys Lawrie Cheah with trophy Cheah speech Cheah portrait
Cheah celebrates sweet victory
"Lighting up" a chocolate cigar
Presenting the trophy
Glenys Lawrie awarding top prize
TROPHIED takes  "A" hook
Cheah led from Day 1 onwards
A few words
Cheah thanks WA hosts and fellow players
Calm before the storm
Cheah at the halfway point
Sue Omedei Tony Sim Paul Cleary's back Michael Cameron Anne Drew
Tournament Director
Sue Omodei in action at tournament
2nd Place
Tony Sim (Singapore) was runner-up in Masters
3rd Place
Paul Cleary (NSW) third place [Graham Bell (WA) at right]
4th Place
Michael Cameron (SA) finished 50th in 2001
5th Place
Anne Drew (Qld) finished 18th in 2001
Rod Talbot prize Muriel Berman Anne Drew + Glenys Lawrie Barbara Berlin Joanne Craig
High word, game
Rod Talbot claimed both prizes thanks to REJE(C)TED (212)
Open Div winner
Muriel Berman with Sue Omodei and Glenys Lawrie
Standing tall
Glenys Lawrie (WA) with Anne Drew (Qld)
Early leader
Barbara Berlin (Vic) shared the lead after Day 1
Still smiling
Joanne Craig (NSW)
Players in park sunset Group at Miss Maudes Midnight day 2 St Patrick's Church Bronze sculpture
Sunset in the park
Dianne Davis, Frank Csarics, Carmel Dodd, Tengku Asri, Teresa Dean
Cappuccino Strip
Scrabble revellers at Miss Maude's
Midnight game
Tony Sim vs Rod Talbot at the Flying Angel Club after Day 2
Easter Sunday
St Patrick's Church at dawn
Remoulding the brain
Creative expression in Freo town centre
Boys on the town        
Boys on the town
Trevor Halsall, Rod Talbot, Dylan Sharma

Photo gallery 1 - Main events

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Summary report

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