Scrabble ® New South Wales
Membership, Benefits and How to Join
Scrabble NSW is a non-profit, self-supporting organisation which relies on a membership base to fulfil the aims stated in the constitution. In return, members can enjoy being part of an organised Scrabble scene in New South Wales and have their say in matters which affect them. A comprehensive list of membership benefits has been prepared for your information.

We hope that you will strongly consider joining our Association even if you are not immediately contemplating joining a club, or attending a tournament. The regular receipt of the magazine, "Across the Board" will provide you with continuous information, and discounts on publications may still be realized.

If you wish to join Scrabble NSW you should print the Scrabble NSW Membership Application Form, fill it out and forward the completed form to our Membership Officer, address below. You can either send a cheque for the required amount, or undertake a bank transfer into the account given below. All completed forms should be sent to:

Colleen Birch
Scrabble NSW Membership Officer
13 Balcolyn Street
Balcolyn NSW 2264

Cheques should be made payable to Australian Scrabble Players Association (NSW).

For bank transfers the name of the account is ASPA (NSW Division), the BSB is 062 022 and the Account Number is 10011176. Notification of payment into this account, when made, should accompany a completed membership or renewal form. Memberships are renewable on July 1st each year.

For those wishing to renew their membership for 2020/2021, please refer to the Scrabble NSW Membership Renewal document for details of renewal fees and how to renew.

Further enquiries about membership should be directed to our membership officer, Colleen Birch, on 0413 999 465, or by email to

Note: Details above updated on 1/4/2019